Our Way In A Sentence

How To Use Our Way In A Sentence?

  • But we were both rather silent on our way.
  • And all the travail of our way be done?
  • We were just making our way out of the country.
  • My companions and myself proceeded on our way.
  • You are the only gossip who comes our way.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Our Way | Our Way Sentence

  • We were on our way to the trenches.
  • We had to pick our way.
  • Long before daylight we were on our way.
  • We continued on our way.
  • How should we make our way over it?
  • It is only a few blocks out of our way.
  • Were we not on our way home?
  • That is the difficulty in our way.
  • Those men will be in our way.
  • We both had to make our way.
  • Lower ground down our way.
  • Forced our way up to the platform.
  • Home now do we wend our way.
  • Through that door is our way.
  • Well if it do not roll our way!
  • Strew roses on our way.
  • Everybody turned our way.
  • You was with him once when he came down our way.
  • Paris on our way back.
  • We will pick our way better.
  • I mean for you to get in our way.
  • So we kept on our way southward.
  • That greets us on our way.
  • And groans we took our way.
  • And we have to find our way for going on.
  • We all must push our way.
  • We must burrow our way out.
  • We are clawing our way up out of that darkness.
  • We pushed our way inside.
  • How are we to find our way back?
  • They seem to be frowning our way.
  • Then we have wandered out of our way with a vengeance.
  • They kick at our way of doing things.
  • But we manage to feel our way about.
  • We therefore continue on our way.
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