Ours In A Sentence

Definition of Ours

That which belongs to us; the possessive case of we, used without a following noun.

How To Use Ours In A Sentence?

  • Their faith is in the legislator, not in mankind; ours is in mankind, not in the legislator.
  • They are splendid artillery-men, however, and actually beat ours in accuracy of fire.
  • Which of us, my dear fellow-men, has not admired a woman of ours whose toilet was finished?
  • Many Indian ideas and habits are repugnant to us, but so also are many of ours to them.
  • To cheerful sins the human heart they lure, While ours are reckoned gloomy and obscure.
  • For ours beyond the gate, The deep things, the untold, We only wait.
  • The bonds severe, Which held thee from us, holy one, are rent, And thou art ours once more.
  • Not that they are greedy; but they are used to such delicate food that even the very best of ours seems strange to them.
  • Truly, if taking by violence was producing, this country of ours would be a little richer than she is.
  • Their way of thinking was the same as ours and so were their desires, their wills, their lives, and deaths.
  • Society is very different here from ours at home, and different as it is I have seen very little of it.
  • But then things do differ according to the point of view, and ours of history was not stranger than many others of far more importance.
  • Today we no longer stake our lives so lightly; but the fact that they are ours to stake still gives its keenest edge to living.
  • In this work-a-day world of ours we need a bit of cheer for the hours which ought to be restful as well as resting hours.
  • Still be ours the diet hard, and the blanket on the ground, Pioneers!
  • He hasn't done what I hoped he would do to put that new polish of ours on the market.
  • If a man joins our religion, we call him converted; if one of ours goes over to another, we call him perverted.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ours | Ours Sentence

  • Then are ours no more than watching briefs.
  • We will help each other bear ours together.
  • Besides, ours was not a perfect affinity.
  • He had no hope, and he took all ours away.
  • It shall be ours ere night fall upon us.
  • They took ours for the Drifter.
  • The Irish must not have their own loaf and ours too.
  • The River House was ours no longer.
  • Are they ours only because they are necessarily caused to exist in our minds?
  • The blessing is ours of their love for great and noble things.
  • His trenches were at least dry while ours were flooded with water.
  • They cheerfully left their own meal to place ours on the table.
  • Thus something of ours would go with her on the long journey.
  • He doesn't make a pal of you like ours does of us.
  • The idealism of serious people in this age of ours is of a noble character.
  • She sacrificed all for my sake, and peace and joy are ours at last.
  • In your civilization it's as the blood; in ours it's only as the clothing.
  • Every second man, at least, on this globe of ours has tried it.
  • A wager like ours takes nerve to make, but a bigger nerve to carry through.
  • And I suppose our government, being ours and we being us, will let him do it!
  • In truth have never passed away; 'Tis we, 'tis ours are changed, not they.
  • The enemy's gunboats contained forty men each and ours the same.
  • Grimm's answer was, as ours must still be, only a suggestion.

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