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  • Such is the outline of his argument.
  • One sees the vague outline of it all fitfully.
  • Trees lose the archaic outline as leaf buds swell.
  • Before them loomed up the outline of Mainsail Haul.
  • The darkness left only the white outline of their faces visible to each other.
  • He had just caught sight of his dim outline against the starlit sky line.
  • It shows a sort of rough outline of the upper lake district here.
  • It's only the redskin outline as one wants to get.
  • No outline was soft or blurred, everything was vividly, fantastically real.
  • With this outline I pass to her present condition and outlook.
  • Bill Bryant now discerned the hazy outline of a moving figure.
  • He looked up to see the outline of the bearded Russ in the window.
  • Far away he could discern the outline of the brooding Louvre.
  • At length the veil was broken by the dim outline of the French coast.
  • Allow me to give you an outline of this heartless fellow's antecedents.

How To Use Outline In A Sentence?

  • As regards my own contribution this is confined to a general outline of the subject.
  • It is very hard to recall even the main outline of anything so elusive as a meditation.
  • I would fill in the outline of him with memories of my uncle and his Staffordshire neighbours.
  • The red numerals and red symbols are, as usual, given in outline as an indication of their color.
  • In the background is the filmy outline of George Washington, delivering the farewell address.
  • At best it is only a sketch in outline that can be offered in a work on the development of mythology in general.
  • The aim is to present to the reader an outline embodying the main principles and advantages claimed.
  • They had just reached the bottom when the faint outline of something black was seen in the glimmer that their lights threw in the distance.
  • The outline is made very plain, and the paragraphing is designed to be of real assistance to the student in his reading.
  • The historic sketch of the land may serve as an outline of the important events in the history of that interesting country.
  • An outline was prepared of points to be covered, but frequently no attempt was made to adhere to the outline.
  • To proceed with our outline of vulcanisation, we have now arrived at the stage at which the goods are built up and ready for vulcanising.
  • A most casual tap at his belt seemed to achieve instantly the fashionable hour-glass outline of feminine curves.
  • The outbuildings rose up in shadowy outline against the starlit sky, and only the lamplight in the window made anything clear at all.
  • Turning sharply, he discerned the dim outline of a woman also leaning over the stern-rail within a few feet of him.
  • First Greek Book; comprising an Outline of the Forms and Inflections of the Language.
  • Bert then proceeded to outline briefly the contest in which he was engaged, but, before he had gone far, his companion interrupted him.
  • It is difficult within the compass of a few pages to give even a faint outline of the Hegelian dialectic.
  • As silently as they could, they moved up the pathway, until they gained the top, and saw before them the outline of the tents.
  • The man's eyes were straining in the darkness for the outline of the woman's figure was indistinct, only just discernible in the starlight.
  • The green light was dimmer now, and the low, black outline of the trawler crept slowly over the glittering track of moonlight.
  • The grooms had given the outline of the story; and Mordecai charged me with all kinds of rashness and folly.
  • On meeting with Brant so opportunely by the way, he gave him an outline of the measures of retaliation which he proposed to adopt.
  • The outline of the works had already been traced, and the soldiers of the battalion of Berry had made some progress in constructing them.
  • From a height not far away we had glimpses, in clear weather, of the mountains, seen in airy outline toward the eastward.

Definition of Outline

(transitive) To draw an outline of. | (transitive) To summarize. | A line marking the boundary of an object figure.
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