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  • Courtlandt outlined it.
  • Tommy outlined his plan.
  • In brief, the scheme may be outlined as follows.
  • The tree that crowned its summit stood outlined against the brightening sky.
  • There he stood, outlined against the sky, looking down at the water.
  • The countries are chiefly outlined in rubies, but Persia is in diamonds.

How To Use Outlined In A Sentence?

  • The sequence of the four economic periods outlined above must not be understood too absolutely.
  • His heart pounded as his groping fingers outlined the cold iron numerals on the panel.
  • It was growing dark, and the arc-lamps which outlined the letters were all aglow.
  • He stated this in plain language, and outlined his plan for shorter hours and closer application.
  • Soon they could see half a dozen men approaching, their figures dimly outlined in the starlight.
  • In life the belly was pink and black; the dorsal black blotches were narrowly outlined with pink.
  • His ideas on Spiritualism had been roughly outlined some time previous in a letter to The Times.
  • They were thrown up simply as backgrounds for the dazzling illuminations which outlined them against the night sky.
  • In the dim light there lifted a terraced adobe building with ladders faintly outlined on the terraces.
  • Their bulky forms stand sharply outlined against the sky, and they are invariably on the lower branches.
  • Which they did to such good effect that before they turned in for the night, they had outlined a plan that covered every probable contingency.
  • To obviate this, the scheme outlined in the accompanying sketch has been suggested on several occasions and in various quarters.
  • When an ornament falls on a ground which is in direct harmony with it, it must be outlined with a lighter tint of its own colour.
  • As the knowledge of cells which we have outlined was slowly acquired, the conception of the cell passed through various modifications.
  • The stars were very bright overhead, the mountain opposite and the mountains behind us faintly outlined themselves on the sky.
  • Then, very carefully he adjusted his own position so that his profile lay outlined in the dim light from the gas lamp in the roof.
  • It turned with the wind, gyrating continually, and when darkness fell the letters were outlined in electric lamps.
  • The dying sun outlined through the folds of her bizarre garment ankles straight, slender, and probably naked.
  • He outlined his subject with exquisite pains, detail by detail, making it clear just what propositions he would advance.
  • Below the village there was an expanse of snow, sloping up to pure white hills outlined against an indigo depth of ominous-looking clouds.
  • I looked again, and, sure enough, there was a man in a crouching position outlined against the tent wall.
  • The feathers glittered metallically, like blued copper, and a streak of glistening silver outlined both wings.
  • The blue scarf had slipped down while Val slept and her shorn head lay cruelly outlined upon the pillow.
  • In front, outlined clear against the flaming sunset, stood up here and there a few tall palm trees, marking the course of the river.
  • Narrower scrutiny brought out, even in the darker half of the globe, a multitude of intertwined forms, outlined with pen and ink.
  • There, far down in the earth, lay a tiny tranquil lake of inky blackness, its borders outlined with blazing torches.
  • She opened her door, and stood there staring into the twilit room, her slim grace outlined against the golden rain of falling leaves outside.
  • These were dimly outlined by a glow only at times, but Dave as he progressed felt that he was keeping fairly close to his outlined programme.
  • At length a long profile of low hills, buttressed with huge granitic rocks, became clearly outlined and seemed to shut in the horizon on the east.
  • Weaving into it some details which I gathered from others after her death, I give it to the reader as she outlined it to me.
  • Catholic writers assert that the doctrine which we have just outlined is not Scriptural, but represents the grossest perversion of Scripture.
  • Gathering the little garments in her arms, she rose, her tall, graceful figure clearly outlined by her mourning dress, and her eyes sparkled.
  • Nothing he had seen was comparable to these columns of clear brown, which outlined themselves almost without sensible diminution of their diameters to their lowest fork.

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simple past tense and past participle of outline
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