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  • At least its outlines are contracting.
  • Who, we ask again, can give the outlines of thought?
  • A number of ribs placed in a row begin to suggest the outlines of a wing.
  • She pushed it back, revealing the bold yet delicate outlines of her temples.
  • They sent outlines that pleased me very much, and I told them so.

How To Use Outlines In A Sentence?

  • But from considerations of space only the outlines of the picture can be given.
  • Sometimes the outlines of a design are printed and the coloring put in by hand.
  • Blessed be the man or woman who has the genius for preparing such stimulating outlines of study.
  • The outlines of a dark skirt were silhouetted against the scrubbed white floor.
  • I need not say that my sketches from nature were but outlines to my finished work of art.
  • He withdrew it and looked at the wicked, blue-black outlines of an automatic pistol.
  • These, with the former, constitute the principal outlines of the constellations visible to us.
  • The others hurried on after her and saw, out in the road, the dim outlines of a carriage.
  • He knew the knife-like edge of the lower summit, the towering outlines of the peak itself.
  • It softened the outlines of all that he looked upon and made them vague, uncertain, beautiful.
  • As Gray looked up he could only distinguish the vague dark outlines of the gloomy hills.
  • As his eyes grew accustomed to the darkness Trent saw the outlines of a big bed.
  • Here was a waist whose trim outlines would have done no disgrace to a well-set-up English girl.
  • He was like a clear mirror, which reflected in their real outlines the images of everything that surrounded him.
  • A little way off they could discern the outlines of high piles of lumber and beyond these several buildings.
  • Or it is the bare skeleton which is to be clothed upon by the softer and fuller outlines of the social tissues and the ethical organs.
  • We have stated the outlines also of the great movement of thought in which advances of such transcendent importance were made in religion.
  • In the darkness appeared the shadowy outlines of trees, and among the trees a little house with a crooked chimney.
  • Here the destruction by fire had been stayed, the country improved, and the forest outlines became bold and noble.
  • There was nothing but sage-brush in sight ahead of her, and more hills farther on where dim outlines of trees could be seen.
  • The formal outlines had not been invented, for rules and themes that would work without breaking the rules were little thought of.
  • Betty thought he was looking at the sunset, which was shedding its last golden rays over the misty blue outlines of the hills across the horizon.
  • Her bare feet showed through the sandal straps, and the outlines of her lissom body were quite visible through the muslin stuff she wore.
  • Her moving outlines dissolved into a misty coloured shimmer of a woman made of flame and shadows, crossing the threshold of his house.
  • As he came upon the stage that night the lights were turned low, and naught but the shadowy outlines of player and violin were seen.
  • The machine was irradiated in clear, sharp outlines as the great searchlight glare was focused, a speck of action in the sky.
  • Bill thought he could just discern the first outlines of the big trees; then all was dark, and the amphibian roared on into the maw of black night.
  • And Gray saw for himself how misty the dark outlines were; and even as he looked he saw the mirage disappear.
  • It had become much lighter now, and, as he looked down at the valley below, he could dimly make out the outlines of the houses in the town.
  • There was no vestige of furniture in the room, except two small stools and a narrow bed, on which the outlines of a human form were visible.
  • A few minutes later, towering obelisks, pillars, the sloping outlines of the sphinx, were designed against the horizon.
  • These essays, mostly by Irishmen, give in a convenient form the outlines of the history of the time.
  • The minute her lights were put out the Bay resumed its normal condition, not even the outlines of the vessels being visible.
  • You will notice that the outlines of the Cum├Žan sibyl are drawn in an oval figure similar to that inclosing the Delphic sibyl.
  • One or two facts may, however, be told, and a few outlines sketched in, to indicate the course of future events on a more or less distant horizon.

Definition of Outlines

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of outline | plural of outline
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