Outside Of In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Outside Of | Outside Of Sentence

  • Why should she be outside of it all?
  • By forces outside of themselves.
  • Outside of that you are quite safe.
  • Illustrations were moved outside of paragraphs.
  • We are not imitating the outside of life.
  • But just outside of the gate he stopped.
  • Outside of these no man possessed a status.
  • It is the outside of the walls she loves.
  • Were the outside of houses so very beautiful?
  • They only see the outside of things.
  • Outside of the family it was a matter of no moment.
  • The outside of the buildings is not beautiful.
  • And so it stood outside of experience.
  • So it is with an individual outside of society.
  • Provisions outside of camp are very scarce.
  • Growing on the outside of another plant.
  • Outside of the circle he did not propose to be tempted.
  • He was on the outside of the ledge overlooking the cove.
  • These were outside of his immediate sphere of interest.
  • I shall only look at the outside of homes.
  • Science cannot go outside of the sphere of abstractions.
  • Rub the outside of the tomatoes with plenty of shortening.
  • The key was in the lock on the outside of the door.
  • We were not allowed to go outside of the premises.
  • Outside of the city it has thirty-three stations.
  • The rock wall is the outside of the curve.
  • Turning a handle on the outside of the camera operates it.
  • Men whose veins are on the outside of their noses.
  • They are not permitted to marry outside of their own sect.
  • Outside of the cave were three wild beasts.
  • The doors were mounted on the outside of the building.
  • Stand on the outside of a door which opens towards you.
  • There has always been saints outside of a convent.
  • Supreme names later lay outside of his access.
  • He started up as he heard voice outside of the door.

How To Use Outside Of In A Sentence?

  • He never converted a soul outside of his own family.
  • Cut the outside of a green pepper into small pieces.
  • I know he has no existence outside of my own brain cells.
  • Do you approve of technic practise outside of pieces?
  • They held a consultation outside of the sick room.

Definition of Outside Of

Outside. | Aside from; besides.
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