Outstanding in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Outstanding

1. It was certainly an outstanding piece of neckwear. 🔊

2. These outstanding features were all on a huge scale. 🔊

3. Man made some of his outstanding progress under slavery. 🔊

4. She was also to have large outstanding ears. 🔊

5. These are the two outstanding cities of the Bible world. 🔊

6. The Outstanding Characteristic. 🔊

7. His classification is intended to include only outstanding types. 🔊

8. The outstanding fact about these camps was that they possessed no solidarity. 🔊

9. Here and there a red shirt, the only outstanding 5 bit of color. 🔊

10. She changed the cheques at the bank as before, and paid the outstanding debts. 🔊

11. There were outstanding men among these missionaries from Ireland. 🔊

12. The outstanding fact in the Czech army is the democracy of it. 🔊

13. He became, in an outstanding sense, the bosom friend of Jesus. 🔊

14. I have enumerated only the outstanding figures of the German War Party. 🔊

How to use Outstanding in Sentences?

1. Faith and hope, ecstasy and prayer, were the outstanding features of her new life. 🔊

2. Surely this is one of the outstanding features of mission work in the whole of China. 🔊

3. For half a century, however, he was the outstanding figure of the race in the United States. 🔊

4. These are but a few outstanding factors in a movement greater far than any single organization or group of organizations. 🔊

5. A book on the broad principles and ideals; one dealing with the outstanding elements of character. 🔊

6. But by far the most outstanding characteristic of this genius is his perfect paganism: he is always seeking for the divine in the animal. 🔊

7. In view of these outstanding qualities, it is strange that nut trees are today unfortunately and shamefully neglected in the north. 🔊

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