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  • You will see the ovens in the courtyard.
  • The coke is being pushed out of one of the ovens into the waiting car.
  • All the women were at work, and the smoke of the ovens rose from the chimneys.

How To Use Ovens In A Sentence?

  • The ovens were filled and refilled until there was no doubt about the quantity.
  • Examination of these old ovens will be very apt to reveal the age of the house.
  • The possums were baked in the ovens and usually with sweet potatoes in their mouths.
  • For the service of coke ovens the plate or tray conveyor might be suitable because more gentle.
  • Only the most pretentious of the city mansions had ovens attached, as shown by the ruins.
  • The town was cleared, and all the ovens and cooking utensils found in the houses were destroyed.
  • Pioneer hot pies were baked in brick ovens and flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon and rose geranium.
  • All the ovens were heated, and the host, who was also chief cook, was preparing supper.
  • The steel cylinders standing in the background are packed with the carbide and then put into the ovens sunk in the floor.
  • I have already four lovely stoves with fine ovens and two large stewpans with wood fire under them.
  • These ovens look from a little distance as if they were small hillocks, and they are built in the open fields.
  • The bread and cakes and pies will burn in the ovens all over the land, if the chimneys be not neatly swept down.
  • These old style ovens consume all the coal with the exception of the fixed carbon which is left behind as coke.
  • Four of these ovens were usually in use at these feasts, so that enough of the pastry might be baked to supply all.
  • When the warships left it was an easy matter to rebuild the burned grass houses and set up the ovens in the old-fashioned way.
  • But within the last ten years the by-product ovens have come into use and now nearly half our coke is made in them.
  • It was found necessary at the front to put all the clothing of the soldiers into the sterilizing ovens every night to remove all traces of mustard.
  • Similar ovens or barbecue holes, and the same method of cooking, are still in use among the natives in their villages.
  • They are afterwards carried into the kilns, which at this place have exactly the appearance of bagnios, with ovens built of boulder stones.
  • The kitchen should be equipped with a good stove having ovens and hot water tank and be large enough to admit of holding big boilers and kettles.
  • The bee-hive ovens are usually located near the mines where the cost of coal is low, with small expense for transporting it.
  • On the other hand, the by-product ovens are established near the larger cities in order to dispose of their gas and other by-products.
  • The ovens are large, an important point, and the top of the stove large enough to care for all necessary pots and kettles.
  • It delighted him to look into the huge bake ovens where first the wheat was baked in big brown loaves, before it was broken up into biscuit form.
  • The Italian women, for example, cannot bake their bread in the ovens of the stoves that they use here.
  • He made her take a second cup and eat a scone, of the kind for which the ovens at Bagrovo were long famous.
  • Peasant houses by the wayside had thatched roofs, grey and glistening as silver plush; and outside ovens like huge cups turned upside down.
  • It is this: Each village has one or two large ovens in which the baking for a number of people can be done at one time.
  • For here was the nation assembled, and there were the ovens anigh, And out of a thousand singers nine were numbered to die.
  • The ground ore is then mixed with salt, at the rate of fifty pounds of salt to every six hundred of ore, and taken to the ovens to be toasted.
  • This they baked, after shaping it into huge cakes, in pit ovens built of stones, and heated for hours by burning in them loads of firewood.
  • And the old men leered at the ovens and licked their lips for the food; And the women stared at the lads, and laughed and looked to the wood.
  • I so admired the queer gables and great brick ovens of the house, that I resolved to tie my horse, and rest under the crooked porch.
  • Cooking is done in electric ovens and boilers, but it is usual to do what work is necessary with these when the boats are charging batteries on the surface.
  • The Dutch women, in travelling, frequently make use of these holes, by turning them into ovens to bake their bread for the road.
  • But the real and proper palm-wine is made from the same liquor before it turns sour, by distilling it in an alembic in ovens that they have prepared for it.
  • In the kitchens, too, which are as a rule wretched holes, there are small baking ovens with flat tops, such as are common throughout Egypt.

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plural of oven
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