Over Here In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Over Here | Over Here Sentence

  • Come over here at once.
  • Everybody does that over here.
  • But what are you doing over here?
  • What are you doing over here yourself?
  • He it was who superseded me over here.
  • Just call her over here.
  • Over here to the right.
  • What was the rascal doing over here?
  • Come over here and sit down.
  • Tell him that you came over here.
  • We all pose over here.
  • Come over here a minute.
  • Tell him to come over here!
  • It was to draw you over here.
  • This world over here!
  • They sent him over here.
  • Over here on the balcony.
  • I was coming over here.
  • Came over here instead.
  • Over here nobody minds.
  • And you were over here ...
  • What made you come over here?
  • Look at the thing yourself over here under the lamp.
  • Better pack your saddle over here.
  • Perhaps they came over here to hunt.
  • And what do you think you are building over here?
  • This is my first venture over here.
  • Come and sit over here by the fire.
  • Only over here it is a different light.
  • I like the air over here.
  • I came over here to sleep.
  • You know nothing about it over here.
  • There is nothing to think over here.
  • I am trying to smuggle him over here.
  • Gentlemen over here fight with swords.

How To Use Over Here In A Sentence?

  • I poled right over here.
  • Been over here trying to get cloth.
  • We must get them over here some time.
  • I may stay permanently over here.
  • What do you think of the railroad trains over here?

Definition of Over Here

in this place

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