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  • He settled without grace, and almost overbalanced on to his Grecian nose.

How To Use Overbalanced In A Sentence?

  • But their possibilities for good were overbalanced by their actualities of evil.
  • He sat down on the edge of a table already laden with books, most of which overbalanced and fell crash on the floor.
  • Dana was the thorough-going type of man, not overbalanced and erratic, without quirk or quibble of temperament.
  • Righting himself, he almost overbalanced the other way, and only finally managed to come to an intricate halt on one leg.
  • Then a low, lighthearted laugh escaped her as the kitten, missing its stroke, overbalanced and dropped lightly to the ground.
  • Then Mansy threw the line, trying to catch it in the branches, and nearly overbalanced herself into the water.
  • The tendency to unity, to the infinite, to religion, overbalanced itself till, by its mere excess, it seemed to be changed into its opposite.
  • A cantilever bridge must always be built out on both sides of the tower at the same time, otherwise it will be overbalanced on one side and topple over.
  • The most natural thought, and one that was in the minds of the majority, was that the clubman had overbalanced himself in making his stance for the putt shot, and had fallen.
  • The worm dangling from the tip of his beak was almost as large as the bird, and the little fellow had to crook his tail to keep from being overbalanced and going on his bill to the ground.
  • Isaac, with the pistol to his own forehead, overbalanced himself in the act of pulling the trigger, and came crashing down, a corpse, on to the pavement.
  • Like Napoleon in his later years, the successes he gained in person were almost always overbalanced by the disasters sustained through the blunders or treachery of his lieutenants.

Definition of Overbalanced

simple past tense and past participle of overbalance
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