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  • I'd overcharge my own brother!
  • Water may be drunk after breakfast, but not so as to overcharge the stomach.
  • The cannon was--by an overcharge of powder.

How To Use Overcharge In A Sentence?

  • Any overcharge may be reclaimed by the passenger by the simple process of making a complaint before the nearest chef de police.
  • Thus they will overcharge a stranger in an exorbitant fashion, thinking, in their simple minds, that travellers are possessed of unlimited means.
  • In truth, however, it is a mere device to excuse the overcharge of Irish taxation; it has never entered the minds of statesmen.
  • Certainly they did not overcharge us as much as they would have done had they not liked us, and later on they quieted their consciences by making us presents.
  • He actually submitted to an overcharge of a half-dollar inflicted by the hatchet-faced brigand who had jerked his taxi-meter over with a bang before his fares had time to inspect it.
  • This overcharge was accounted for by the merchants on the ground of dilatory payments, which could only be obtained at all from the Junta by fees to those whose duty it was to pass the accounts!

Definition of Overcharge

(transitive, intransitive) To charge (somebody) more money than the correct amount or to surpass a certain limit while charging a bill. | (transitive) To continue to charge (an electrical device) beyond its capacity. | To charge (someone) with an inflated number or degree of legal charges (for example, charging them with a more serious crime than was committed); to upcharge.
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