Overdressed In A Sentence

How To Use Overdressed In A Sentence?

  • Mabel Binks backed up against us, talking to an overdressed girl of about nineteen.
  • The whole outfit made her look like an overdressed turkey dinner with all the trimmings and those little white caps on the drumsticks.
  • An overdressed woman in ridiculous shoes stepped out; an overdressed girl in even more ridiculous shoes followed her.
  • Her glance went on across the street where an overdressed young man, just alighted from an automobile, stood surveying his surroundings.
  • The mere fact that Wallie was there in his overdressed glory was substantial evidence that Bryant was not around.
  • Moreover, the stranger had evinced a taste in his selection of furniture and carpets scarcely to be expected from his slightly overdressed appearance and his loud, dominating talk.
  • Volleys of mud and earth were prepared, and some of the overdressed young women tossed their heads, and said that a spattering with mud would do the stuck-up girls no harm.
  • The next moment she found herself in the firm embrace of a girl a little taller than herself, a slim, very pretty, very untidy, very overdressed girl.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Overdressed | Overdressed Sentence

  • Gladys was invariably overdressed for these occasions.
  • As a class she found them overdressed and underbred.

Definition of Overdressed

simple past tense and past participle of overdress
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Overdressed in a sentence

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