Overhaul In A Sentence

Definition of Overhaul

To modernize, repair, renovate, or revise completely. | To pass, overtake, or travel past. | (nautical) To keep (running rigging) clear, and see that no hitch occurs.

How To Use Overhaul In A Sentence?

  • What we want are some companions with whom we can travel till we overhaul the others.
  • I have to overhaul my technic once or twice a week to see that everything is in order.
  • At all events the captain determined to overhaul her, and made all sail in chase.
  • As soon as it was ended, they proceeded to overhaul my swag and the contents of my pockets.
  • The cruisers did not overhaul the little vessel as rapidly as Madden had anticipated.
  • I move we declare a strike until Scraggs digs up the money to overhaul the boiler.
  • It would be easy to overhaul them, halt them, search the schooner, confiscate the gold.
  • Still it became evident to Captain Headland that she was not likely to overhaul the lugger.
  • We thought at first that we should overhaul the lugger, as we had the breeze while she was becalmed.
  • We'll make a killing if we can just overhaul enough of the boys to get in on the run.
  • He had some twenty minutes in which to overhaul the schooner and take her skipper off, and no boat to do the latter with.
  • Noting this we decided to overhaul our loads and reject a lot of things not strictly necessary to preserve life.
  • Wives who complain that their husbands are silent during dinner have usually good reason to overhaul the quality of their own conversation.
  • Any day or hour you are free to overhaul our records and to call the brethren together should you find any ground of complaint.
  • Remember when he doesn't put in an appearance after a few days they'll be sure to overhaul this house and every inch of the grounds.
  • No sooner was this known, than it became a matter of great interest as to whether we could overhaul the clipper.
  • Two of my boys were to keep up a fire into where we knew them to be, myself and driver kept ready to overhaul any that might come out.
  • It took another good hour to overhaul the little car and even then it was found to be too badly damaged to travel under its own power.
  • Hence it was that the boys, having considerable sprinting ability, began to rapidly overhaul the fleeing rascals.
  • Fuller was about to check the upward climb and overhaul his antagonist when the Zeppelin appeared almost to stand on end.
  • With their mules and horses they should make good time and within a month overhaul the train that had left the Gillespies behind.
  • That little boat eats fast into the wind, they say, and we have got to get started pretty quick if we expect to overhaul her between now and dark.
  • A straight away race was hopeless, for the pursuer, now no more than an eighth of a mile distant, was sure to overhaul them in a very brief time.
  • The eighth overhaul gave up some rope, in which he nearly got himself entangled, and which he finally carried away, bitten and frayed past use.
  • So they swashed along, the Englishmen anxious for a fight, and a chance to overhaul the supposed treasure which the stranger was carrying.
  • I went out soon afterwards to overhaul a plow under a shed, and had spent considerable time over it, when Steel approached with a lantern.
  • Before he could overhaul it, Ichi rounded a spur of rock; there was a crash, and a yelp of terror and pain.
  • A sort of class was held at Farnborough for these early recruits; they heard lectures, and did practical work in the overhaul of engines.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Overhaul | Overhaul Sentence

  • Then they began to overhaul his record.
  • They overhaul it every year.
  • However, they will not overhaul us.
  • It would take a distance of five miles to overhaul it.
  • We were sure to overhaul you in the Straits.
  • Come November, we'll overhaul 'em.
  • You poke along the trail slow, an' I'll overhaul yuh.
  • The wind was light, and they had little doubt that they should overhaul her.
  • You'd better overhaul forty-five on a night like this.
  • Why, it is about time to overhaul the ploughs, and see that they are in order.
  • But I'll overhaul her!
  • To-morrow morning I will come and overhaul your bales to see what is needed.

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