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  • One of the brigantines overhauled him.
  • I then overhauled my own stores.
  • He then overhauled everything in the box.
  • Our wardrobes were overhauled and set to rights.
  • When they overhauled it, sure enough his gun was aboard.
  • The Democrats once more overhauled the tariff.
  • Fathom by fathom the English ship overhauled us.
  • He and Plunkett overhauled the boxes, and found the shot.
  • That night the manuscript was overhauled in the composing room.
  • The commissary department was thoroughly overhauled and much improved.
  • He bought a tent and a new rifle and overhauled all his camping gear.
  • They overhauled traps, and got ready all their trapping gear.
  • She sounded, but we overhauled at her first blow, and I lanced.
  • The big ship, it seemed, had been overhauled by a small British privateer.
  • On the high seas he overhauled the British mail steamer, Trent.
  • Still sprinting, Dave, with Dan at his heels, overhauled a running figure.

How To Use Overhauled In A Sentence?

  • She had had her bottom cleaned and scraped and the copper sheathing overhauled and patched up.
  • The whole canal system of the country has been overhauled and greatly improved.
  • But the breeze freshened and the sloop-of-war rapidly overhauled the scudding brigantine.
  • The blocks were knocked away clumsily, the falls overhauled bunglingly for the next boat.
  • I again overhauled the letters, as I had for security and care taken all into my saddle-bags.
  • Once or twice we sighted a sail, and, if we were sober enough, overhauled it, God forgive us!
  • This time the stage was overhauled at Lone Pine, a ranch five miles beyond the camp.
  • After that he overhauled his stock of drugs and instruments, repacking them and making ready against opportunity.
  • From the receiving floor to the warehouse everything had been carefully overhauled and put into first-class shape.
  • He overhauled the bunk and spread the blankets out on the wild rose bushes to sun while he cleaned the floor.
  • Walker turned his vessel about and clapped on all sail, but the large gun-boat quickly overhauled him.
  • The train had kept camp hoping for his recovery, or for the advent of help in one of the caravans that overhauled them.
  • They even laid hold of my arms and overhauled them, and expressed approval when they saw that they were strong and muscular.
  • I was next overhauled by a fleet of white butterflies, who came winding down the brook in a very loitering sort of a way.
  • Jim overhauled each panel, and carefully examined the recess, but without discovering anything suspicious.
  • At every stroke he fairly leaped through the water, but the two black fins overhauled him with lightning-like rapidity.
  • Hives which can be thoroughly overhauled and repaired, from time to time, if properly attended to, will last for generations.
  • We could not heave to and wait her, and by the time she overhauled us, we were likely to be somewhat too near the shore for safety.
  • At these navy yards ships are overhauled and repaired, machinery is adjusted and renewed, and stores of all kinds are provided.
  • We felt the want of the oars more at this time than any, and I think that with them we might have overhauled her at once.
  • So the two pirate longships overhauled us fast, and presently their low, black hulls were plain to us.
  • After lunch they overhauled their fishing tackle, and made for the brook, determined to catch a good mess of trout for their supper that night.
  • From the time when the bells were overhauled and tuned at Gloucester, in 1837, no further alteration has been made.
  • On the following day, with a lighter wind, we again overhauled our rival, and at night left her four or five miles behind.

Definition of Overhauled

simple past tense and past participle of overhaul
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