Overlap in a sentence

Definition of Overlap

To extend over and partly cover something. | To have an area, range, character or function in common. | (mathematics) Of sets: to have some elements in common.

How to use Overlap in a Sentence?

  • It will be seen that the limits for the figures overlap to a considerable extent.
  • Evidently coil-made; the different coils slightly overlap each other tile-fashion.
  • The top is also cut to shape from cigar-box wood, and should overlap about 1/4 inch.
  • It is made up entirely of cigar-box wood tacked together, and the top should overlap 1/4 inch.
  • The ranges of the two species meet and overlap in southwestern British Columbia.
  • There are durations of the same family as the given duration which overlap it but are not contained in it.
  • An overlap proves that a gradual submergence of the land was going on at the time the strata were being accumulated.
  • The brutal aspects overlap and outwear; refinement has the feebler and more ephemeral hold on reality.
  • Nevertheless, the degree of overlap of the ranges of variation is such that this ratio is of relatively little use taxonomically.
  • Observations of marked birds also indicated that there was considerable overlap of the breeding home ranges of individual males.
  • The cases are first lined with loose sheets, and finally other sheets are arranged to overlap at the top of the case.
  • Then he begins a second row, allowing the ends of the bundles composing it to overlap the heads of those in the first row.
  • In respect to the ingression of blue into nature events may be roughly put into four classes which overlap and are not very clearly separated.
  • Their eggs are like those of the Cardinal but average smaller, although the ranges overlap so that the eggs cannot be distinguished.
  • The latter form of protection in contract is closely allied to protection in intercourse (see above); the two overlap each other.
  • When the larva is at rest, the various segments overlap evenly; and the membranous intervals, corresponding with the articulations, do not show.
  • The center of overlap of the ranges of the two species is in New Jersey where both forms are abundant and can best be studied comparatively.
  • Physics, chemistry; geology, botany, zoology, anatomy, physiology, how they all dovetail into, or actually overlap each other.
  • As the logs would have to overlap about a foot at each corner, we had to cut the longer ones to a length of 14 feet and the others to a length of 12 feet.
  • Sometimes their tunic was made into a coat of mail by the addition to it on the outside of a number of small iron plates arranged so as to overlap each other, like the scales of a fish.
  • We require that the middle term, as used in one premise, should necessarily overlap the same term as used in the other, so as to furnish common ground for comparing the other terms.
  • Again, some common standing-ground may be found, where the right of each, converted into the rights of both, may so far overlap as substantially to coincide.

Short Example Sentence for Overlap

  • They also overlap each other with their being.
  • His sculls will overlap more or less.
  • The scuta largely overlap the terga.
  • Some day the title-meaning will overlap the name-meaning.
  • At the point where the rings overlap set a stake for a tree.
  • The overlap of the breeding ranges of the two species is therefore small.
  • The bottom of the mould should overlap the top of the pisé-work by about 6 in.
  • But the two groups didn't seem to overlap much, if at all.