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  • Scuta largely overlapping the terga.
  • Evelyn was a compact little baby, fat, but not overlapping and grossly fat.
  • The overlapping plates (D) and the bolts (E) hold the joint rigidly.

How To Use Overlapping In A Sentence?

  • Directly we found your footprints on the snow overlapping his it made that a certainty.
  • The same claims were staked over and over, the corner of one overlapping another.
  • The relations of whole and part and of overlapping are particular cases of the junction of events.
  • The two edges of the cotton sheet will stick together very well by simply overlapping them.
  • The border edgings in this garden are lines of bricks set overlapping in a curious manner.
  • At its base is inserted the perianth composed of 6 overlapping leaflets arranged in two series.
  • Tergal margin straight, overlapping about one third of the entire width of the terga.
  • At each end of this bay is a long panel of overlapping circles, filled in with rich mosaic.
  • Before long, the wood was laid horizontally, each board overlapping the one below it.
  • The beak was enormous, of a rich yellow colour, the upper mandible overlapping the lower.
  • The overlapping joints may be straight or recessed and provided with a key block B.
  • The blades lie one overlapping the other like the slats of an American window shutter.
  • Garnish the beans with three tomatoes cut in slices and arranged in a circle one overlapping the other.
  • The higher estimates of density appear to be large enough to compensate for any overlapping of home ranges.
  • The excluded case is that of durations overlapping in finite events but not containing a third duration as a common part.
  • The pistillate catkin matures into a woody cone made of overlapping scales attached to a central stem.
  • The overlapping of the edges of the crack before referred to occasionally gives rise to the condition known as false quittor.
  • There are also overlapping unions competing for influence and support, and sometimes doing so by making excessive demands.
  • They were dressed in an armor of overlapping scales that covered every part of their bodies, even their fingers.
  • One is to reverse the natural overlapping of the tail feathers, which is the quickest way, and quite satisfactory.
  • On the outside of these were nailed horizontally boards, 10 or 12 inches wide, overlapping each other.
  • These are closed by swing doors, each of which is the full width of a compartment, and has a slight overlapping edge.
  • From that point the camera operates automatically, taking a series of overlapping pictures of the country it looks down upon.
  • At the back a fresh hem is added from moment to moment; but the overlapping superfluity in front drops off of its own weight at the same time.
  • The beginner should find a stiff pair of sculls, true made, and overlapping about the width of his hands.
  • On some other trees there is some overlapping of the shedding and receptive periods, enough to produce partial, but not full crops.
  • They are usually from 18 inches to 2 feet wide and deep, and are so arranged on the slope that they occupy overlapping positions.
  • The cabin itself was built of bamboo and bamboo leaves lined with very light skins, so overlapping as to make the cabin perfectly dry.
  • The whole was then neatly covered with square, overlapping pieces of bark, held in place by poles that were tied down over them.
  • The scales are attached to the membrane by little stems, like the quill-ends of feathers, and they are arranged in overlapping rows.
  • This case, therefore, must be illustrated by overlapping circles, thus: [Illustration: FIG.
  • The shooting end has a conical point; the feather end is dressed with thistle-down, tied on in overlapping layers with thread or sinew.
  • The round buds (which, however, are sometimes pointed) are closely wrapped in three overlapping hairy sepals.
  • They are covered with convex scales, overlapping in diagonal rows, ending in a point at the lower extremity, which is free and more or less askew.
  • With swift and rhythmic flinging apart of her arms over her head, Sarah separated the stricks into three and laid them overlapping on the carriage.
  • I plunged down it, and coming to a shelter of overlapping rock crawled far in below, and thanked God for my present safety.

Definition of Overlapping

Pertaining to something that overlaps something else. | present participle of overlap | The situation in which things overlap.

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