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  • Soak overnight in cold water.
  • Bring your bag and stay overnight if you want to.
  • The charred ashes of the overnight fire lay in the grate.
  • A city of tents sprang up overnight round Victoria.
  • Smoking like that overnight doesn't matter.
  • Soak the boneless fish overnight and then parboil for twenty minutes.
  • Beat to thoroughly mix and then cover and set aside overnight to rise.
  • Wash and soak overnight three-quarters cup of baby lima beans.
  • Had it, then, run down overnight and been recently re-wound?
  • It shattered overnight the structure erected by the Nanking regime.
  • At first he had thought to remain overnight with Tommy Garton.
  • Can't I leave overnight and find things safe in the mornin'?...
  • One time Ray Smith and I went up to stay overnight and it was cold.
  • And you'd better do some stuff overnight for the first week or so.
  • I hope you haven't slept off overnight what we arranged yesterday.
  • But you can't rid everybody overnight of long-inherited notions.

How To Use Overnight In A Sentence?

  • They had resumed their overnight conversation, in a state of considerable tension.
  • How do you suppose a fellow who was out at a party overnight is to hear you unless you knock hard?
  • I stopped overnight at that quaint and curious little inn just across from the castle entrance.
  • We toasted it in whiskey and soda-water laid in overnight in view of the great moment.
  • The painter decided that he would remain overnight and make an early start on the morrow.
  • Soak the mackerel overnight in plenty of cold water to cover, keeping the skin side up.
  • I had put up overnight in his jerry-built hostelry, and all had gone well until breakfast time.
  • The black mud was thick under his feet from an overnight shower, and already steaming in the sun.
  • We made the rest of the trip together and stayed overnight in a San Francisco hotel.
  • Now, I'll have your team attended to, and you'd better stay overnight with us, eh?
  • Their tropical suit trousers had been cleaned overnight and he didn't want to ruin his again.
  • Sometimes the rubber as it comes from the vacuum drier is merely allowed to remain on racks overnight before blocking.
  • It was early dawn, and they were drinking a cup of coffee by the remains of the overnight camp-fire.
  • She hesitatingly consented to stay overnight in the house, and the housekeeper conducted her to a little room.
  • These were lodged overnight in a forester's house, and the next day they were to be shot.
  • We shall have to camp overnight along the run from the spring there, as it is the only water for miles around.
  • Were the latter truly their purposed destination, they would have stayed overnight and be leaving that very evening on the 6:32.
  • He paid for overnight storage without complaining, though since his car had not been repaired this charge was unjust.
  • When woman would be sleazy, petticoat manufacturers went overnight into an oblivion from which there might or might not be returning.
  • Soak one pint of beans in plenty of cold water overnight and in the morning carefully wash and place in a saucepan and cover again with water.
  • Not always, of course; but many times in these days of overnight prosperity and endless good times.
  • No people in the world could overnight descend to a war standard of living so rapidly as the Germans.
  • The fact that he gave shelter overnight to a number of escaped nuns, when he was already a married man, has been meaningly referred to.
  • They welcomed us, and we stayed overnight with them, and that night there was a total eclipse of the moon, of which we had a fine view.

Definition of Overnight

Occurring between dusk and dawn. | Complete before the next morning. | Of an activity or event in which participants stay overnight.
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