Overpaid In A Sentence

Definition of Overpaid

simple past tense and past participle of overpay

How To Use Overpaid In A Sentence?

  • We may add that in almost all the professions old men are overpaid and young men under-paid.
  • Indeed, her first experience was repeated more than once and she was overpaid in order to be got rid of more quickly.
  • Another time a piece-rate girl allowed herself to be overpaid two dollars and said nothing about it.
  • We indeed overpaid her, for the regular wage of her kind was about eight shillings and fourpence a month.
  • After the usual ceremony of crossing himself before the icon the starosta announced that he had been overpaid about ninety roubles, which mistake he found after reaching his home and checking over the account again.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Overpaid | Overpaid Sentence

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