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  • It was a sudden overpowering impulse.
  • There is something very overpowering in such a scene.
  • The full-stop is more overpowering with each answer.
  • A sickening sensation of weakness is overpowering her.
  • In his overpowering anxiety for me he was losing nerve.
  • So overpowering was it that towards 3 a.m.
  • A vague, yet overpowering dread had seized her.
  • Cairo summers are overpowering to Europeans.
  • I had an overpowering desire to speak of Hania.
  • An overpowering force within him urged him to clasp her to himself.
  • Words fail to describe a scene of such overpowering grandeur as this.
  • And see the overpowering importance of neighborhood in all association.
  • At the same time he felt himself seized by an overpowering dread.
  • The vast cliffs drew in upon them in their overpowering might.
  • The attitudes of the dancing nymph now denoted overpowering lassitude.
  • For a moment he paused, struggling with overpowering emotion.
  • At length they succumbed to overpowering force, and were handcuffed.
  • He did not fear to attack overpowering numbers, if the situation demanded it.
  • Oh, the overpowering weight of this consideration to every thoughtful spirit!
  • He took four or five steps forward as if drawn by an overpowering fascination.
  • He must take some advantage of this wonderful, this overpowering discovery.

How To Use Overpowering In A Sentence?

  • Nothing but the same overpowering longing to be home and away from this monotony.
  • As we did so there came from the inside a stupefying and overpowering smell of chloroform.
  • Afterwards they assemble in a gang and greet their comrade with an overpowering din.
  • It was for a moment too overpowering to enable him to distinguish objects with any certainty.
  • If they took him at all it would be by direct assault and overpowering numbers.
  • When the temptation grew too overpowering he left his office and went down into the country.
  • An overpowering desire came over the stranger to learn the burden of their conversation.
  • From her personal point of view the loss of money was not of itself an overpowering calamity.
  • The odour was so deliciously sweet and overpowering that it filled the whole room.
  • The same overpowering calculations wait us when we bend our eyes on that which is to come.
  • His first sensation on perusing the advertisement was one of overpowering sickness.
  • Dworn sensed that had he been unbound, he would have had no trouble overpowering her.
  • John was sensible of an overpowering desire to fling himself upon the ground and howl.
  • John was sensible of an overpowering desire to fling himself upon the ground and howl.
  • The place was intolerably close and was filled with an overpowering odour of dried herbs.
  • He wanted to follow them at once, and again he felt the mysterious presence overpowering his will.
  • It was a sweet overpowering rush of honeysuckle scent coming from the deserted garden.
  • In vain she tries to conquer the deadness that is overpowering her, but without avail.
  • He trembled a little, so overpowering was the bitter-sweet sense of her nearness.

Definition of Overpowering

That overpowers; so strong as to be overwhelming. | present participle of overpower
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