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  • After ten minutes' pull, we stopped again, for fear of overreaching our mark.

How To Use Overreaching In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps they are only able to accomplish this by overreaching or by dishonesty.
  • Both of them were fearfully anxious for the result that was pending, and each had his plan for overreaching the other.
  • Noquala was really a very liberal man, and was deservedly popular, so it was not by grasping and overreaching his fellows that he became wealthy.
  • The man who took advantage of him was not to be condemned; it was not his fault if he had not been born a gentleman; the overreaching tradesman was to be pitied.
  • Any amount of overreaching and deception is practised toward foreigners in a trade, or to members of another tribe; and many foreigners are just as guilty in their dealings with the natives.

Definition of Overreaching

present participle of overreach | deception
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