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  • A look of dismay and vexation overspreads the countenance of all.
  • Cooloo, the great bird that overspreads all with his wings, was a chief.

How To Use Overspreads In A Sentence?

  • A rosy blush overspreads the centre of each cheek; and a mole is considered an additional charm.
  • One feels at peace with all human nature, and a sense of voluptuous ease overspreads the body.
  • The brown buds on the sides of the twigs are swelling and a flush of purple overspreads the tree, while snow still covers the ground.
  • As if by a stroke of magic, blooming vegetation overspreads the soil, which, a few days previously, was a mere barren wilderness.
  • The coral flower buds sprinkle the new leaves, and through May a great burst of rose-colored bloom overspreads the tree-tops.

Definition of Overspreads

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of overspread
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