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  • I owe everything to her.
  • I owe my seat to you.
  • I cannot forget what we owe him.
  • I owe hundreds of thousands.
  • I owe her a good deal.
  • I verily owe a great deal to her.
  • That much we owe to our children and their children.
  • I owe you forty-five pounds.
  • We do not owe them to contact with the English.
  • Since yesterday, you all know what I owe him.
  • On the contrary, I owe you a good deal.
  • I owe you a personal debt, and I mean to live to pay it.
  • I think I owe you an apology for what I said.
  • My gratitude owe I to you, not alone have I conquered!
  • I feel I owe my life to you, Mr. Chittenden.
  • Allaygiance we owe to our QUEEN!
  • I don't owe you a thing on earth.
  • You are both in the same service, and owe the same duty to your master.
  • But you needn't think you owe me anything for that.
  • Such admirers were our fathers, to whom we owe this splendid inheritance.
  • They owe the world an answer on these questions for four hundred years.
  • See, here stands the youth to whom we owe thanks for the presents.
  • His luck had set him free, and he didn't owe me anything.
  • In that 'twas hurt by a chance to which I owe my awaking.
  • And look here, I owe you for a pound of tobacco my wife bought the other day.
  • So much your senior that you owe me respect, Miss Marguerite.
  • You've got no right to stop me just because I owe you a little money.

How To Use Owe In A Sentence?

  • It seems evident therefore that the former owe their origin to a different hand than the latter.
  • Ow would you like me to go an' ask yer father for that thrippence a'peny you owe me?
  • I owe the happiest part of my life to the time Frau Luise spent beneath this humble roof.
  • It is to this that the canvases owe their admirable freshness which makes them look as if painted yesterday.
  • The persons saved from the justice of the native magistrate by foreign authority will owe nothing to his clemency.
  • I have no need to look at any with misgiving lest their bright faces should owe their brightness to excess in intoxicating liquors.
  • The story shows that there come sudden changes of affairs, when the most powerful owe everything to the weakest.
  • To me, the style appears to owe its very weakness to this fact, for decorative art should be wholly ideal.
  • Any contumely, any outrage, is readily passed over, by the indulgence which we all owe to sudden passion.
  • You'll owe him nothing in the long run, because he'll get all the reward he's entitled to.
  • This they owe to their lawful lords, since the Company has to spend so much in governing and protecting them.
  • He was always most respectful to me, and I owe him gratitude for many kindnesses which increased my comfort.
  • I certainly agree with you, that in all probability we owe our whole Constitution to the restoration of the English monarchy.

Definition of Owe

(transitive) To be under an obligation to give something back to someone or to perform some action for someone. | (intransitive) To have debt; to be in debt.
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