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  • Owens made no protest.
  • Owens looked at him thoughtfully.
  • Owens made no objection.
  • Owens started, but he got a grip on himself at once.
  • Owens had set out, almost gaily.
  • Every dog to its own kennel, Owens!
  • Jack Owens linken Backen.
  • Moreover, Owens had learned to appreciate Jameine.
  • Myths of the Owens Valley Paiute.
  • Petroglyphs from Owens Valley, California.
  • SEE Owens, Hamilton.
  • Owens interposed.
  • Owens stopped.
  • Owens burst out.
  • Owens queried.
  • Owens asked.
  • Owens broke off a piece from the outcrop and his expression cleared slightly.
  • Owens glared at him, but he knew that the engineer was right.
  • Olga Owens (W); 9Sep68; R443134.
  • Owens shrugged his shoulders and left, but little less excited than Jim.
  • W. B. Owens (A); 17Oct69; R470864.
  • Original editors: Albert A. Owens & Ben F. Slingluff.
  • So Owens sat a-thinking in his library and racking his brain about Jim.
  • Of this type was Jack Owens, who rebuilt his own "done gone" premises.
  • Nay," as the Owens made a movement to depart, "stay a little, I beg of you.
  • By Professor ALEXANDER, of Owens College.

How To Use Owens In A Sentence?

  • They were led by Owens himself, who was at the bottom of the shaft when the fall came.
  • Clem turned an incredulous glance at Owens, but the mine-owner nodded agreement.
  • As the mine fell more and more into its old routine, Owens found himself oftener at the hospital.
  • The snow on the island was almost knee-deep, but, except Owens, none of the party minded.
  • Owens was working on the "Commentary to the Epistle to the Hebrews" for twenty years.
  • Owens Lake is similar to Mono Lake in composition, and is now the basis of a large soda industry.
  • After I growed up and married a man named Owens, we come here to Louisville to live.
  • Otto waited, well aware that the final result lay between Owens, Juneau and Jim.
  • Ollie's lawyer was there in consultation with Uncle John Owens regarding Isom's will.
  • An interesting example of rock sculpturing in groups is in Owens Valley, south of Benton, Cal.
  • Owens was scanning the slate-gray water flecked with foam and the sky of dripping fog with equal distrust and dislike.
  • Owens was on the poop, with the owner of the tiny yacht, who was a personal friend, and moodily scanned the horizon.
  • The photograph was an old one, evidently, and there was no doubt that it was a resemblance of Owens in his youth.
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