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  • At length my own turn came.
  • He certainly must have evaded his own idea on that point.
  • They let each fact stand upon its own evidence.
  • How, then, do they vindicate their own system?
  • It carries in its bosom the elements of its own destruction.
  • How can they be made holy without their own consent and cooeperation?
  • Sing for me in your own way," she commanded.
  • But we shall give his own words, and permit the reader to judge for himself.
  • Again, the scheme of Edwards is condemned out of his own mouth.
  • He directed that one of his own eyes should be put out, and one of his son's.
  • My syce's next proffer of his own wayside ration brought the pony to terms.
  • What then, on Calvin's own principles, becomes of the omnipotence of God?

How To Use Own In A Sentence?

  • Its success was almost unprecedented in his own words he awoke and found himself famous.
  • But experience taught him that he could not transform and mould his own character at pleasure.
  • No true knowledge can ever impress the human mind with a conceit of its own greatness.
  • His virtue or moral goodness can exist only by reason, and in case of an exercise of his own will.
  • But we have something better, we trust, to oppose to President Edwards than his own arguments.
  • Yet we are told that we are accountable for all the acts thus produced in us, because they are the acts of our own wills!
  • Thus the necessitarian seems to be fairly caught in his own toils, and entrapped by his own definition and arguments.
  • So far from being able to reconcile it with the divine goodness, he could not reconcile it with his own goodness.
  • Now we see this scheme as it is in itself, in all its nakedness, just as it is presented to us by its own most able and enlightened defenders.
  • Thus, in their zeal to establish their own peculiar dogmas, they place themselves and their cause in the power of the infidel.
  • So apt are men to adopt arguments which defeat their own object, whenever they have any other object than the discovery of truth.
  • This is a consequence which the logical mind of Melanchthon did not fail to draw from his own scheme of necessity.
  • It seems to carry its own evidence along with it; to shake the mind with doubt, and over-spread it with darkness.
  • No one, except those who place themselves beyond the possibility of salvation by their own evil deeds, is ever lost.
  • Reason must find its own internal power and life in revelation, and revelation must find its own external form and beauty in reason.
  • I am inclined to think that, delightful as messing in a large mess is, something is lost by having no personal share in your own catering.
  • To this argument of Leibnitz we may then well apply his own remarks upon another celebrated philosopher.
  • We say, then, that there never can be virtue or vice in the breast of a moral agent, prior to his own actings and doings.
  • These dainties did not extend into the outer circles; those of us who were behind contented ourselves by lighting up our own Pedros.
  • The only man who had ever been known to catch the pony when he was free was his own syce, whom his master had left at Chaksam.
  • Even Edwards ridicules the idea of the faculty or power of will, or the soul in the use of that power determining its own volitions.
  • I tried stalking him from behind my own pony, and got fairly near him, only to find his two heels perilously near our two heads.
  • May we not follow our own inclinations, leaving sin to take its course, and rest quietly in Providence?
  • That belt of 'terai' jungle which fringes the skirt of the whole Himalayan range has its own special charms.
  • But if the scheme of Edwards be true, the descendants of Adam did not have their fate in their own hands.
  • To suppose that Adam was the author of his own fate and fall, is to deny the omnipotence of God, and to rob him of his sovereignty.
  • Is it not wonderful that, instead of perceiving this affinity, he should have poured ridicule and contempt upon the doctrine of which his own was but a generalization?
  • For no government, however perfect and beautiful in other respects, can be of much value unless it be so constructed as to secure its own permanency.

Definition of Own

Belonging to; possessed; proper to. Often marks a possessive determiner as reflexive, referring back to the subject of the clause or sentence. | (obsolete) Peculiar, domestic. | (obsolete) Not foreign.
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