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  • He was not in his own right mind.
  • She was a rich woman in her own right.
  • He is a co-creator in his own right.
  • They could conduct business in their own right.
  • Each of us likes to own something in his or her own right.
  • I was Sultan here in my own right.
  • Miss Winthrop had abundant wealth in her own right.
  • Yet this is an excellent, Blue cheese in its own right.
  • But God will prove my innocence in His own right time.
  • I will deal with you with absolute truth as with my own right hand.
  • All was gone except such property as his wife retained in her own right.
  • But the mechanic is social in his own nature, in his own right.
  • They are no longer reduced, but are permitted to flourish in their own right.
  • I was a replaceable plug-in unit, not an individual in my own right.
  • He gave to get; but he lived to doubt his own right to pay the price.
  • In two years she will be of age, and rich, or nearly so, in her own right.
  • Queen in her own right by the will of her father, Thothmes I.
  • I believe He waits to work His will through my own right arm.
  • She was Baroness of Clifton in her own right, and a gracious lady.

How To Use Own Right In A Sentence?

  • It is true that each tree in a row of seedlings is an individual in its own right.
  • She was able to enter into commerce in her own right and to make contracts for her own benefit.
  • She is of noble descent and is possessed of ten thousand francs a year in her own right.
  • Some of them were exceedingly pretty, and one or two of them had money in their own right.
  • He gets hold of the ignorant alien, and tells him he is a king in his own right.
  • The company made its own right of way, and was prepared to pay any reasonable damage.
  • According to this law no woman was permitted to govern or be a Queen in her own right.
  • Each is supreme in its own right; different yet compelling, unlike yet equally engaging.
  • Menard felt, when he thought of Danton, a sense of pride in his own right judgment.
  • Let the units of labour share the interests of their employers and each become a capitalist in their own right.
  • Hattie forgot her own right to grievance in the joy of this additional data in support of her position.
  • He denied the constitutional right of secession, but he was also denied his own right to oppose such a course.
  • She had not a kind heart, but she had an immense coronet in her own right, and had married another.
  • She applied it to her own right eye, and became possessed of magic sight so far as elves were concerned.
  • When you wind your watch, you put some of the strength of your own right hand into it, and that is what makes it go.
  • It was galling that he, a king by his own right, should be made a subject of another king whom he had never seen.
  • And here their difficulties begin; the law stands in their way; they are foreigners, and cannot be purchasers in their own right.
  • Ladies considered seriously whether they ought not to go, to encourage him, and his father was sure it was his own right and privilege.
  • A woman does not inherit at any time or under any circumstances, nor hold property in her own right, even if she has produced it by her own labor.
  • A countess in her own right, they tell me, but she keeps her title secret for fear of losing influence with the working classes.
  • A fortune in her own right, and large expectations from the old gentleman who began with money and has never made a bad investment in his life.
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