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  • The name oxygen signifies acid former.
  • The evolution of the oxygen begins at about 400 deg..
  • The oxygen causes the glowing coal to burst into a flame.
  • At ordinary temperatures oxygen is not very active chemically.
  • The oxygen standard for atomic weights has been adopted throughout the text.
  • Other elements besides oxygen may exist in more than one form.
  • What is the weight of 1 l. of oxygen when the pressure is 750 mm.
  • For example, the weight of a liter of oxygen has been given as 1.4285 g.

How To Use Oxygen In A Sentence?

  • Its chemical properties are similar to those of oxygen except that it is far more active.
  • In a similar way oxygen may be obtained from its compounds with some of the other elements.
  • According to the definition given above, the presence of oxygen is necessary for combustion.
  • Why is oxygen passed through the inner tube of the oxyhydrogen blowpipe rather than the outer?
  • In place of the hydrogen and oxygen the more accessible coal gas and air are respectively used.
  • Nevertheless under proper conditions hydrogen may be made to burn quietly in either oxygen or air.
  • Substances which readily burn in air, such as phosphorus, burn in oxygen with dazzling brilliancy.
  • From this the volume of the oxygen introduced may be determined by subtracting from it the volume of the hydrogen.
  • The fact that water is formed by the combination of oxygen with hydrogen was proved in the preceding chapter.
  • The burning of a substance in oxygen is due to the rapid combination of the substance or of the elements composing it with the oxygen.
  • Approximately an equal volume of pure oxygen is then introduced and the volume again read off and reduced to standard conditions.
  • In the process of respiration the air is taken into the lungs where a certain amount of oxygen is absorbed by the blood.
  • At what pressure would the weight of 1 l. of hydrogen be equal to that of oxygen under standard conditions?
  • Air or oxygen containing a small amount of ozone is now used in place of oxygen in certain manufacturing processes.
  • The small amount of oxygen which water dissolves from the air supports all the varied forms of aquatic animals.
  • When unmixed with other gases ozone is very explosive, changing back into oxygen with the liberation of heat.
  • The oxygen from a similar cylinder is then conducted through the inner tube, and mixes with the hydrogen at the end of the tube.
  • Of course one could not live in an atmosphere of the gas, since oxygen is essential to respiration.
  • The amount of oxygen obtained from a given weight of potassium chlorate is exactly the same whether the manganese dioxide is present or not.
  • The hydrogen is ignited by the flame of the candle and burns at the mouth of the bottle, where it comes in contact with the oxygen in the air.
  • The hot iron combines with the oxygen in the steam, setting free the hydrogen, which is collected over water.
  • The conversion of oxygen into ozone is attended by a change in volume, 3 volumes of oxygen forming 2 volumes of ozone.
  • The hydrogen attempts to pass to the carbon plate as usual, but in so doing it meets with the oxygen of the chromic acid and forms water therewith.
  • In order to produce the maximum heat, the hydrogen and oxygen must be admitted to the blowpipe in the exact proportion in which they combine, viz.
  • The method may be made quantitative, however, by weighing the water decomposed and also the hydrogen and oxygen obtained in its decomposition.
  • When steam is passed over hot iron, for example, the iron combines with the oxygen of the steam, thus displacing the hydrogen.
  • The manner of preparing oxygen from potassium chlorate is illustrated in the accompanying diagram (Fig. 4).
  • The oxide, which consists of 7.4% oxygen and 92.6% mercury, is placed in a small, glass test tube and heated.
  • That the gas obtained is different from air and oxygen may be shown by holding a bottle of it mouth downward and bringing a lighted splint into it.
  • It does not prove the absence of other elements; indeed it does not prove that the hydrogen and oxygen are present in the proportion in which they are liberated by the electric current.
  • At the same time that the copper oxide is reduced it is clear that the hydrogen is oxidized, for it combines with the oxygen given up by the copper oxide.
  • The presence of the oxygen is shown by lighting the end of a splint, extinguishing the flame and bringing the glowing coal into the mouth of the tube.

Definition of Oxygen

A chemical element (symbol O) with an atomic number of 8 and relative atomic mass of 15.9994. | Molecular oxygen (O2), a colorless, odorless gas at room temperature. | (medicine) A mixture of oxygen and other gases, administered to a patient to help them breathe.
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