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  • The oysters is in there.
  • The experiments with oysters are full of interest.
  • Scald one quart of oysters in their own liquor.
  • When boiling take out the oysters and keep them hot.
  • Be sure the milk is hot before you put the oysters in.
  • Serve the oysters on slices of hot buttered toast.
  • Drain the oysters and cover with a little lemon juice.
  • The largest and finest oysters should be chosen for frying.
  • Here, too, were oysters in abundance.
  • When the oysters are cooked, set away to cool.
  • Chop 1/2 a pt. of raw oysters and 1/2 a pt.
  • I shall abjure Welsh rarebit and oysters in future.
  • She was eating her oysters with her after-dinner coffee spoon!
  • Put the oysters on a hot dish and pour biscuit balls and sauce over them.
  • Stir until smooth, then add 25 oysters that have been washed and drained.
  • If you eat Prunier's oysters you should drink his white Burgundy.

How To Use Oysters In A Sentence?

  • Here are thousands of dozens of oysters to satisfy the calls of the most imperious stomach!
  • Place upon each square 2 or 3 of the prepared oysters and put a little piece of butter on them.
  • I walked half a mile to a road house and brought back oysters and a bottle of cream.
  • It was while he was eating the oysters that Rosalie came to the door and looked at him.
  • If not, we must try again, and exist on oysters until we become more expert....
  • Here you get very good oysters (when in season) and excellent Holstein crayfish, lobsters, etc.
  • Having found the spring, it was easy to locate the spot in the snowbank where the oysters had been cached.
  • Excellent oysters and smoked salmon are to be had here, but the place is apt to be rather crowded and noisy.
  • Between whiles he occupied his time in collecting oysters or other mollusks, of which they consumed a great quantity.
  • The negroes cling like oysters to their birthplace, and they flatly refused to leave their grounds and their friends.
  • The oysters and codfish came to hand in excellent order, for which please accept my best thanks.
  • These rich food beds are not plentiful, and many dealers are compelled to put small oysters on the market.
  • Probably, in view of the labors and hardships they were yet fated to undergo, the oysters saved their lives.
  • There are tanks into which the water runs in and out with each little wave and in these are the Marennes oysters and other shell-fish.
  • Early in the afternoon, the people returned with the few oysters they had time to pick up, and every thing was put into the boat.
  • Let the oysters come to a boil in their own liquor, skim them out and add to the cream, take out the piece of onion.
  • By its side is an officer in a blue costume and large blond wig, who is handing some oysters in a silver dish to the young woman.
  • The divers bring in the oysters from the fishing banks in the Gulf, and pile them on the shore in great heaps.
  • Having stirred this batter well, dip your oysters into it, and fry them in lard, till they are a light brown color.
  • The material to be plaster, made of the shells of those oysters with which Virginia shall have paid her public debt.
  • He used to play on a big organ, and we used to have oysters almost any time, but that was before Mother died.
  • Another picture here is Fruits, representing a dish with grapes and pomegranates, besides oysters and white bread.
  • There he made a first meal of shell-fish, mussels, clams, and especially some capital little oysters which he found in great abundance.
  • When cold put two or three oysters and a little sauce in each patty-shell, serve with lettuce and French dressing.

Definition of Oysters

plural of oyster
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