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  • A gradual slackening of this pace of delight brought her back to the earth and her senses again.
  • Statecraft has played an important part in determining the order and pace of industrial progress.
  • The loss of three paddlers for even so short a time checked the pace of the canoes.
  • So off started his reverence at the full pace of his huge legs and really great endurance.
  • The pace of the stream was quickening, and each had to be in instant readiness to obey orders.
  • Pride, too, helped him and he did not increase the pace of his horse a particle.
  • She had helped him not to die, and yet to sink into the ambling pace of these defended years.
  • Yet she found herself hard put to keep the pace of a bunch of Scandinavians ahead of her.
  • The pace of the car slackened as they reached the outskirts of London and turned westward.
  • A second time fortune was adverse; a door within a pace of him opened, a woman came out.
  • But after a time the stiffness wore off, and I began to find the pace of the horses too slow.
  • The nervous pace of lower Broadway slackens to the steady, patient tramp of a host.
  • At the last moment, when he was within a pace of it, the Countess rose impulsively to her feet.
  • The fierce pace of the Welsh forwards was drinking the life of the Scottish backline.
  • Do you think I am not tormented as well, by the slow pace of these Earth-things?
  • Judging by the pace of the barges I had seen, I should catch Blake easily before nightfall.
  • I was unable to slacken the pace of the horses until they dashed into the camp where we were to obtain a relay.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pace Of | Pace Of Sentence

  • There was no check in the pace of the pursuers.
  • He quickened the pace of his horse.
  • There was pace, of a sort.
  • The pace of construction now became remarkable.
  • The pace of the stream becomes more swift.
  • But the pace of the advance continued to be swift.
  • Then began the pace of the new sentry.
  • And he flung them wide, standing within a pace of her.
  • It was the killing pace of which Tom Daw had complained.
  • The pace of recovery should be proportionate to the speed of stroke.
  • It was solely the slackening pace of the dogs that had power to arouse him.
  • He's gone the pace, of course.
  • He estimated the pace of the current at fully six miles an hour.
  • The pace of the freight trains has been increased almost to express speed.
  • This corresponds roughly to the increased pace of political development to-day.
  • The fast riding of the early week had given way to the pace of caution.
  • The hectic pace of the distant highway absorbs less and less my hope.
  • He was much broken in health by gout and the fast pace of his early manhood.
  • Macdonald checked his horse; she held back her animal to the slow pace of his.
  • I quicken the pace of my horse somewhat, and continue my perilous course.
  • They could easily move too fast for the pace of the Assembly.
  • I feel the different pace Of some chaste footing near about this ground.
  • A Hare one day ridiculed the short feet and slow pace of the Tortoise.
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