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  • One of the packers suddenly threw down his load.
  • Our packers saw where we were and presently came to us.
  • The two packers sat, for the most part, smoking silently.
  • Like American packers of pig-meat, hard home to the floor of the tin.

How To Use Packers In A Sentence?

  • The last that tried, with a gang of packers aboard, was blown over on the west shore.
  • Horace wished to engage Indian packers to help them portage over the Height of Land.
  • Meat packers will tell you that nowadays they save everything but the pig's last dying squeal.
  • They gigglingly drew their skirts about their ankles and flirted with young porters and packers who leaned from windows across the court.
  • The tenderfoot wavered, but just as he was about to give in, the packers jumped the price on him to forty-five cents.
  • He had reached the factory scarcely able to walk from snowshoe lameness; and one of the packers had a frozen foot.
  • The next thing, we heard a volley from the ravine, and saw the scouts and packers scattering for cover.
  • It is true that they had by no means so much outfit to carry now, but, on the other hand, they had no packers to help them.
  • At last, when it was getting dark, there was a cry from the half-breed, and one of the packers stumbled past.
  • When the water rose so high that the lower ledges were unsafe, the packers ascended the mountains eight hundred feet above the roaring canyon.
  • Among his fellow packers were his uncle and a young man named Bonham, who was his close and dear friend.
  • The surge beat upon the taper trunk and gave it a rhythmical swaying motion, while the feet of the packers had worn smooth its wave-washed surface.
  • The place, as he vaguely realized, was a hotel, and the packers had already entered because he heard their voices though he could not see them.
  • One of the packers got up, grumbling, and threw more branches on the fire, and Gerald went to sleep again.
  • Carroll did so and lay still afterward, but Vane kept watch during the rest of the night, until in the dawn the packers appeared.
  • The packers had been anxiously looking for blaze-marks all afternoon; and Gerald, knowing they would not find them, felt his courage sink.
  • The report was circulated that fifty thousand men were needed, and the packers were providing houses for migrants and caring for them until they had established themselves.
  • In the hard times that followed there was no little growling among the half-starving troopers, because the packers seemed to have sufficient to eat when we were well-nigh destitute.
  • He told me it was a cinch-hook hitch employed by mule packers in the mountains, and that he had used it on swamp-hooks in the lumber woods of Michigan.

Definition of Packers

plural of packer
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