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  • Now he heard the padding of their feet close at hand.
  • Smoke followed him, padding quietly at his heels.
  • Penny quickly overtook him, padding along close at his side.
  • Later there were softly padding footfalls, and these gave her a sharper shock.
  • Nellie Custis, padding at his heels, had known that something disturbed him.

How To Use Padding In A Sentence?

  • No one will accuse me of wide discussion or padding who understands my drift in this chapter.
  • In the silence, his ears caught the sound of light feet padding down the shore.
  • Peter glimpsed a very yellow, supercilious face swinging in his direction from the padding throng.
  • I censored the tender parts, spun out the padding and served it up like cold-hash.
  • If any padding be required to protect the front of the ankle-joint, it had better be a fixture on the boot.
  • Sure never had such a drumming of hoofs, such a padding of paws and feet been heard on its old pavement!
  • He had brought out some of the padding with his knife, and this left part of the floor of the coffin near the foot visible.
  • But on this morning there was a soft blur of blue haze padding the sharp outlines of the canyon walls and brooding over the higher hills.
  • Zavier was on sentry duty that night, and she could hear the padding of his step as he moved back and forth through the sleeping camp.
  • But, despite the padding within his suit, he felt the numbing cold of this dead world strike through.
  • Breathlessly she listened and watched, and presently she saw the eyes of the padding intruder glowing like balls of lambent green fire.
  • The padding figures were becoming a trifle obscure, owing to a cold, pale fog that was drifting up from the bay.
  • Don't exaggerate them and call your task finished; merely remember always that they're there framing and padding the velvet skin.
  • It is strange that, huge as the elephant is, from the soft padding of its feet, the sound of its steps is not heard even on hard ground.
  • Indeed, it had much the effect of a dream upon the prisoners, for there was no sound, save the soft, dull padding and shuffling of the feet.
  • And then, as they rounded a furze-crowned hummock, out of the hazy twilight, loping along on swift, padding feet, emerged the figure of a man.
  • He had toiled to make a home for himself, and the boy, he thought, as he heard Young Pete padding about the cabin.
  • To her eyes, the gilding over the iron bars was very thin: the perfumed padding on the stone walls but a poor disguise of their chill impenetrability.
  • He survived four days, having unsuccessfully attempted to shorten his pain by beating his head against the woodwork, an attempt which was frustrated by padding the woodwork.
  • The clothing around the leg makes a padding for the splints unless it is thin summer clothing, in which case straw and leaves should be put between the splint and the leg or arm.
  • Just then Tom Jonah, who, his tongue hanging out, had been padding on ahead, suddenly uttered a loud bark and leaped out of the path.
  • While there, concealed by the surrounding trees, he had seen two small boys padding toward him down the road, their heads together in animated debate.
  • At the end of every few paces it turned sharply and stalked back again along the same line, padding softly, and purring like a roll of little muffled drums.
  • Had this been practicable, it is doubtful if the result would have been any better, for without padding the chains would have killed or mangled the mule, and there were no means at hand for that purpose.

Definition of Padding

present participle of pad | Soft filling material used in cushions etc. | (computing) Extra characters such as spaces added to the end of a record to fill it out to a fixed length.
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