Paddle In A Sentence

How To Use Paddle In A Sentence?

  • On the rear seat, paddle in hand, sat a man.
  • Now, Nelly, paddle out again.
  • So I grasped a paddle and drove her into shallow water.
  • Holding the steering paddle in her hands, stood Cora.
  • Had I strength enough to row or paddle two miles?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Paddle | Paddle Sentence

  • Now we will paddle on again.
  • Then he dips this paddle in again and again.
  • That is just what the paddle does in the water.
  • Godfrey seized his paddle again.
  • Now do paddle on and be quick.
  • Nat handled the paddle in the bow.
  • Prime dropped both paddle and knife.
  • Vane brought his paddle down with a thud.
  • I seized a paddle and shoved her in.
  • Wyn began to paddle fast.
  • Her paddle clashed with that of the other girl.
  • Eve put her paddle in the water again.
  • Lucius began to paddle on slowly.
  • I had come out for a paddle before dinner.
  • A paddle lay in the bottom.
  • My paddle will lull you into rest.
  • By paddle wheel and pack train.
  • Then you may paddle your bark alone.
  • The wagging paddle became mad.
  • Frank took up the paddle and set to work.
  • He began to paddle with all four feet.
  • For soft is the song my paddle sings.
  • Higgins thrust his paddle tentatively into the bottom.
  • The oarsman was using his paddle openly and fast.
  • He was a husky beggar and would have used the paddle too.
  • We will paddle a mile or two up and fill our kettles.
  • The blade of the paddle had slipped easily into the ground.
  • The instant we get in you paddle off without a word.
  • A man flung in his paddle on board the craft ahead.
  • Dave warned him, swinging his paddle over his head.
  • The paddle came rattling down upon the bottom of the skiff.
  • He was staring at the paddle with eager, fascinated eyes.
  • For instance, you must not go up upon the paddle boxes.
  • But I could paddle and think.
  • A walnut paddle or club, used to beat clothes in washing.

Definition of Paddle

(intransitive, Britain) To walk or dabble playfully in shallow water, especially at the seaside. | To toddle | (archaic, intransitive) To toy or caress using hands or fingers
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