Pagodas in a sentence

Definition of Pagodas

plural of pagoda

Short Example Sentence for Pagodas

  • 1. On the shore two pagodas moved slowly into alignment.
  • 2. The mosques look like pagodas, the pagodas look like mosques.
  • 3. Our instructions under the heading of Golden Pagodas must be observed.
  • 4. The Jain Pagodas were thereupon, it is said, destroyed by the Jangamas.

How to use Pagodas in a Sentence?

  • 1. You see at about all the crossings pagodas and idols, with banners flying over them.
  • 2. We saw various pagodas as we advanced; the most noted example was in the village of Pakman.
  • 3. The pagodas of Rangoon, Pegu and Prome offer the finest specimens of this order of edifices.
  • 4. Gold leaf sent from Yunnan gilds the gods of Thibet and the temples and pagodas of Indo-China.
  • 5. They want worlds of waistcoats and forests of trousers and pagodas of tall hats toppling up to the stars.
  • 6. There are seven large buildin's besides the small pagodas and all filled with objects of interest.
  • 7. Here also were several pagodas containing chimes of bells and large oblong vases of stone filled with blooming flowers.
  • 8. Near every village were several pagodas whose spires rose above the jungle; and there were many pagodas standing far from any habitation.
  • 9. The houses the tourists passed were all of Indian style, and there were always towers and pagodas in sight.
  • 10. The people are indeed children of Nature, and the only expression of taste is to be found in their pagodas and monasteries.
  • 11. As the light grew, they were able to perceive distant wooded hills, with ancient temples and pagodas built upon their slopes.
  • 12. Soon we see a great sugar-loaf hill in the distance, also a perfect forest of pagodas of all shapes and sizes along the river bank.
  • 13. Most of the bells to be seen in the pagodas are of small dimensions, and differing in shape somewhat from those used in Europe.
  • 14. In the large and magnificent pagodas of Pagan, galleries with vaults in the pointed style run all round the building.
  • 15. On one of the middle-sized pagodas rises, instead of a cone, an obelisk, with ornaments that appear to resemble hieroglyphic figures.
  • 16. Everywhere are traces of fire, here and there pagodas or houses half destroyed, a mass of ruins, not the work of time, but the work of war.
  • 17. There are many ruined pagodas and some wooden temples which, however, do not display the higher features of Burmese architecture.
  • 18. In India and in China, the schools where the most subtile idealism is taught, are not far from pagodas of the most abject idolatry.
  • 19. Yet there is a further resemblance worth noticing between some of these Hindoo pagodas and the great temple of Phtha at Memphis.
  • 20. Great hills surrounded the city on every side, and temples and pagodas uprearing their quaint sloping roofs indicated the location of the original native quarters.
  • 21. I find a notice, bearing date November 18, 1695, giving warning against the introduction of Pagodas into this country.
  • 22. The cause of there being so many pagodas in Burma is that thereby the builder gains renown and paves the way for greater happiness in a future state.