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  • We had a most painful discussion all this morning.
  • Happily they are not so painful as ordinary boils.
  • Margaret seemed lost for a time in painful thought.
  • He turned back to retrace his painful way.
  • His nostrils flared with each painful breath that he took.
  • That they wound her forehead, too, is painful to me.
  • The details could not be otherwise than painful to Y.R.H.
  • There was a moment's painful silence.
  • This instantly afforded me an escape from my painful position.
  • I am glad of it; for its plaintive lowing was painful to me.
  • His eyes had tears in them, and they were red and painful looking.
  • He bowed his head on his hand, and there was a long and painful silence.
  • The subject was so painful that, by tacit consent, we both avoided it.
  • My Lord, it is painful to be referred to you, when so much is to be said.

How To Use Painful In A Sentence?

  • Nothing is more painful than to be obliged to say that one cannot do anything for them.
  • She suspected what the present was, and she wanted to get this queerly painful scene over.
  • He tried to sit up quickly but let out a deep, painful groan as he again lay back.
  • He made his painful way to the window and looked out onto the majesty of Gothal.
  • It was a painful shock, but he bore it with greater calmness and fortitude than I had expected.
  • Ever since that painful scene at Bonczhida, Lady Banfi had not met her husband.
  • Dinner was eaten in morbid silence, with painful and fitful efforts to appear interested in each other.
  • His words, which had been heard at first with painful coldness were beginning to hold more and more of their attention.
  • They learned that which assured the longest, most painful and lasting punishments that insured against quick death.
  • I had the painful experience of "the pleasures of melancholy" too strongly in my recollection to be beguiled by them.
  • This formula, with a little modification, was applicable also to other fleeting but painful affections.
  • There are really no limits to this conceit, though brighter men among them make painful efforts to be candid.
  • I need not detail the sequel to the incident here, and may say that it was somewhat painful to myself as well as my bag carrier.
  • She shut her eyes like a criminal before his execution, with a sort of undefined feeling that the blow would be less painful so.
  • We passed a sickly-looking girl with a sallow face, who dragged her limbs and peered at us dimly with painful eyes.
  • By late afternoon, after a slow and painful climb that almost claimed them both, they reached the ledge and took off their packs.
  • Marmaduke's face expressed more painful agitation than I had seen it wear for months.
  • The more painful pustules erupted with yellowish-brown, jelly-like fluids that seeped from them, resembling the softened putrefaction of carrion.
  • A poor, tender, painful body, he can run into flame or bullets or pestilence, with duty for his guide.
  • However, speaking of broken heads reminds me of an incident which was amusing, though, at the time, somewhat painful to me.
  • Dame Banfi set about disrobing, but on casting a glance at the lonely couch, a painful feeling overcame her.
  • Feeling a certain sympathy for her painful confusion of mind, I did my best to give his words an interpretation which soothed her fears.
  • He was aware, in fact, from painful experience that she despised liars, and held a creed that nothing worth a lie was to be found in the world.
  • Then he turned and walked away with long, but not hurried steps, while I remained on the bench in a mood of painful discomfiture.
  • As time passed, however, these painful seizures grew gradually less frequent, and his friends strove to divert his mind into fresh channels.
  • This was the last news sent out of Manila by cable, and for a week the American people were in painful suspense.

Definition of Painful

Causing pain or distress, either physical or mental. [from 14th c.] | Afflicted or suffering with pain (of a body part or, formerly, of a person). [from 15th c.] | Requiring effort or labor; difficult, laborious. [from 15th c.]
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