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  • He was a very slow and painstaking producer.
  • So he rose and began a more painstaking search.
  • Her round blue eyes shone in a painstaking hospitality.
  • There should have been a painstaking investigation, even after the fact.
  • We appeal to our sober, plodding, painstaking brother Jonathan.

How To Use Painstaking In A Sentence?

  • He had been very explicit and painstaking in questioning the moving picture man.
  • Graviere has given a most painstaking exposition concerning the technicalities of these craft.
  • I know how shrewd and painstaking you are, and what a high sense of honour you possess.
  • The whole subject, however, had our most careful and painstaking consideration.
  • There is, indeed, plenty of room for the most painstaking work of the linguistic critic.
  • Look at the strength which their painstaking record will give now to the case for England!
  • And yet with the most painstaking service fortune would play with me at times in the most heartless manner.
  • Again, the most painstaking care must be taken that these substituted domiciles be properly and thoroughly drained.
  • Then, he drew with painstaking care a series of diagrams that repeated the information in pictograph form.
  • From the realistic side, the work is painstaking and exact as all the author's works.
  • The reason for this painstaking is that there are dozens of different sugars, so much alike that they are difficult to separate.
  • He enjoyed the reputation of being an industrious and painstaking lawyer, and a brilliant and accomplished member of society.
  • Conkling used to study for his cross-examinations, in important cases, with the most painstaking minuteness.
  • Deft employment of the make-up pot and painstaking searchings through a great number of trunks had blended a picture that was all but melodramatic.
  • She was snubbed with painstaking perseverance, and sent out of the room when subjects requiring frank handling were under discussion.
  • The finest perfection of technic has been acquired with painstaking care, with minute attention to exacting detail.
  • The painstaking intent, as the operator's acute ears recognized, was identical in each instance.
  • His book is full of interest, and is evidently the result of a great deal of painstaking inquiry....
  • The Prussian militarists had a painstaking knowledge of facts, but they had a contempt for human nature.
  • Then will your Richard become the most assiduous and painstaking of nurses that ever humored crack-brained patient.
  • They should not, however, be allowed to prejudice the consideration of a painstaking narrative which may well delight the confirmed romantic.
  • When sailing a new boat, her best trim for various points of sailing and force of wind must be found by painstaking experiments.
  • Muriel entertained her guests at the Residency with painstaking care; and every day had its list of engagements.
  • Sometimes she would look up and surprise his eyes fixed upon her, and one day she found at her elbow a long list made out in a painstaking hand.
  • The world would never rave about his pictures; but, in time, he would be a conscientious, painstaking artist.
  • Unfortunately nothing came of the painstaking work of this conference beyond the publishing of its final report of March 6, 1920.
  • Twice during that time the Police camp moved, and we had to be wary, for they scoured the surrounding territory with painstaking thoroughness.
  • Every particular with regard to the signalling and the shunting has been thought out and executed with the most laudable and painstaking thoroughness and accuracy.
  • Nowadays, jurymen, as a rule, are wont to bestow upon testimony the most intelligent and painstaking attention, and have a keen scent for truth.
  • They are an orderly, industrious, and painstaking people, they have a great respect for science, for formal education, and for authority.
  • Mr. Cuthbert, a painstaking pianist, whose repertoire was noisily commonplace, opened the concert with a solo.
  • Burke was a very slow and painstaking producer; it is even said that he had all his works printed at a private press before submitting them to his publisher.
  • She wiped and polished the stamped leather with a painstaking tenderness that had in it a good deal of yearning, and finally left it with a gesture of hopelessness.
  • He would feel that he alone was responsible for a proper selection, and that feeling of responsibility would tend to make him deliberate and painstaking in his choice.

Definition of Painstaking

Carefully attentive to details; diligent in performing a process or procedure. | The application of careful and attentive effort.
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