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  • She was the palest and most serene of all.
  • Washed in palest thinnest rose?
  • She is looking very pretty in a gown of palest azure.
  • It is the palest colored of the Plovers.
  • Her eyes, the palest blue, were still beautiful.
  • Olive-green (not too brown), relieved with palest pink.
  • Their whole plumage is a dingy brownish black color, palest below.
  • The sky, of the palest blue, seemed very high and was streaked with white.
  • Let them watch for this, drop their palest tints, and adopt a few warmer hues.

How To Use Palest In A Sentence?

  • They were adorable rompers with smocking and the palest of pink collars and belts.
  • The palest possible pink may be combined with these as linings, vests or ribbons.
  • White should be worn at balls; the palest colors at evening parties and neutral shades at church.
  • How beautiful she looked, all in palest grey, and somehow the things had a younger shape.
  • Mellow lights, the morning hues of primrose or of palest amber, pervade the whole society.
  • This faded into palest green, and above all was ethereal blue, with just one or two rosy clouds.
  • His eyes were palest blue, his nose a smooth pink mound in an expanse of pink, pink cheeks.
  • The whole firmament is of a soft azure, flecked here and there with snowy clouds tipped with palest gray.
  • Beyond this mighty blue chasm lay a mountain of purest gold, banded with white and silhouetted against a sky of palest azure.
  • The proprietor, whose face was the palest of the lot, soon revealed the gruesome cause of the terror which brooded over the gathering.
  • The sun sank behind the hills, tinting the ridge of pines to copper and leaving the sky a sweep of palest blue in which a single star trembled.
  • A star hung low to the westward in a field of palest green, and a shaded lamp burned dimly at one end of the great bare room.
  • In a square box, smelling of sandalwood, was an exquisite kimono of palest pink crepe, embroidered with wisteria blossoms.
  • The clouds lifted along the eastern horizon, and a thin, icy flood of saffron and palest rose washed down across the glittering desolation.
  • It was in the boudoir they were sitting, and Violet was dressed in some soft gray dress that shone and turned into palest pearl as she moved.
  • Lady Mabel affected the palest tints, half-colours, which were more like the shadows in a sunset sky than any earthly hues.
  • The low ones that begin to bloom in June, palest pink, rose-pink, and their dainty slim buds the most delicious color imaginable.

Definition of Palest

superlative form of pale: most pale | (archaic) second-person singular simple present form of pale
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