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  • A pall of silence fell over the company.
  • A pall seemed to hang over the kingdom.
  • It seemed to me each gully had its mystic pall of color.
  • A dense pall of blackness now hovered over the southwest.
  • Then a gust of wind cleared the pall of vapour.
  • Above this headland lay a dark pall of vapour.
  • It had perhaps served often as a pall for the dead.
  • The pall of smoke from the guns had doubled in volume.
  • Another great pall of sadness has fallen upon our soldiers.
  • And silence fell like a pall upon the crowd.
  • Smoke drifted over, and we lived in a pall of death.
  • A pall of darkness suddenly dropped upon the room.
  • That shadow is gone; that pall withdrawn.
  • Now a pall of blackness Hiding all the room.
  • This beverage began to pall before we left Montenegro.
  • Do you know the Pall Mall restaurant?
  • And the three of us drove together to Pall Mall.
  • He unfolded a Pall Mall, which he had brought in with him.
  • And will Agnes and Esther ever pall upon our taste?
  • At that time San Francisco was hidden in a pall of smoke.
  • Lord Nunneley walked slowly along Pall Mall.
  • C. E. Piccadilly to Pall Mall.
  • Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London.
  • Robbie looked at her and then stared out at the steady pall of rain.
  • The only change was the lack of the overhanging pall of smoke from the lamps.
  • That book spreads the pall of superstition over the colleges and schools.
  • Pleasures of all sorts were beginning to pall now upon the jaded monarch.
  • And now a pall of darkness spread swiftly over the face of the waters.
  • It may have been that the new pall of black vapour only obscured them.
  • He tried to ignore the pall of apprehension that fell over the car.
  • Everything was the same, even to the white pall thrown over the coffin.
  • The town bier stood in front of the house, and the pall was over it.
  • Next morning a misty, drizzly pall still hung over everything.

How To Use Pall In A Sentence?

  • Again the gray pall drifted down from the tall crags above and blotted out the scene.
  • They had with them only an embroidered pall of velvet and a crucifix to place upon the bier.
  • The place where the bombs had burst was hidden in a thick pall of smoke and dust.
  • They particularly noticed a pall over the coffin, which was a very unusual thing with them.
  • The sudden pall of darkness in this strange house of mystery was just a tiny bit awesome.
  • Above the pall of smoke from burning buildings the sun was setting with a blood-red light.
  • Then all the lights went out, and darkness settled down like a pall on the ship.

Definition of Pall

(transitive) To make vapid or insipid; to make lifeless or spiritless; to dull, to weaken. | (intransitive) To become dull, insipid, tasteless, or vapid; to lose life, spirit, strength, or taste. | (obsolete, rare) A feeling of nausea caused by disgust or overindulgence.
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