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  • How paltry details stood out!
  • All this inspired me with hatred for this paltry despot.
  • No paltry dozen or two this time!
  • The paltry hundred should be repaid at any cost.
  • They will get a paltry sum of two hundred dollars.
  • There was nothing paltry about Innocent.
  • Brindisi is paltry and Otranto dead.
  • Besides, I don't look to a paltry clerk's pay.
  • He quietly refused to fight now with any such paltry ruffians.
  • But there was little room for such a paltry emotion as absurdity.
  • For a paltry reward of a hundred rubles to go on such a mission!
  • The conflict is cleared of all false pretence and paltry excuses.
  • Whilst in private life there is a swing back to paltry selfishness as a creed.
  • They were cast in a quieter time and refuse to bicker on a paltry minute.
  • And at that time a mass of paltry legends began to gather around his name.
  • Colombia was not to be appeased by the paltry sum of $2,500,000.
  • You magnify my paltry sins,' he flung back.
  • He could not lend or give her a paltry pittance; and why, forsooth?
  • Do you think I don't see through your paltry schemes?
  • Poor fools the muses' fair regards Why court for such a paltry end?
  • While low realities and paltry cares The spirit's fond imaginings destroy.

How To Use Paltry In A Sentence?

  • The paltry remuneration he received for his productions is recorded by himself.
  • But if he has reached its margin he is freed from the paltry dominion of his own self.
  • All in an instant a little paltry demon of avarice blinked out of his eye-holes.
  • Compared with amounts like this, what were the paltry sums he had been used to handle?
  • My lord chancellor was not a man ever to lurk in corners, or to shun a few paltry hisses.
  • The paltry Peter began bellowing with deadly fear as the launch was headed away from him.
  • What, indeed, could such a paltry handful do in the face of the oncoming Frenchmen?
  • Emma Goldman is too sincere, too defiant, to seek safety behind such paltry pleas.
  • Instead of putting up for fifteen days at some paltry hostelry of La Ciotat, eh, eh!
  • Thou art about to enter thy name for the Olympic games, O man; no cold and paltry contest.
  • Was it worth while letting so paltry an indulgence separate for ever between himself and one whom he so dearly loved?
  • After all it was not his part to condemn; his indignation owed its heat to baffled egotism and paltry vanity.
  • For this same year agriculture received for all its needs the comparatively paltry sum of $12,000,000.
  • Even in a small town where rent is not so high, these paltry wages would have been insufficient for an existence of partial decency.
  • He had no choice in the matter, he told himself, with bitter resentment that a paltry nine dollars should mean so much to him.
  • You will soon see whether your paltry iron-work contrivances will work like these solid old tools, tried and trusty.
  • And an impassioned moment arrested in full flow, stopped short, corked up, for want of a paltry rhyme!
  • This they refused on a paltry plea, and suffered, in consequence, the life of one of their finest officers to be ignominiously lost.
  • And it certainly was a room in which, to judge by appearances, a worker need never be stopped in his work by the paltry need of any necessary tool.

Definition of Paltry

Trashy, trivial, of little value. | Of little monetary worth.
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