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  • Is there no panacea for such ills?
  • As a universal panacea its powers are matchless.
  • They have, at least, provided no panacea for poverty.
  • Housework will prove a panacea for many of the ills which flesh is heir to.
  • It is believed to be the panacea for all ills, individual and social.
  • Un pr├íctico aleman le ha considerado como la panacea de los viejos.
  • And a can of pineapple, Ma's panacea for all ills!
  • Twas thus we sought, but sought in vain A panacea for all our pain!
  • Perhaps we could find a panacea in the practice of our Pilgrim Fathers.
  • Tea is your panacea for all human ills; yet there isn't any nourishment in it.

How To Use Panacea In A Sentence?

  • They were finding panacea for their bereavement in this care of the sons of other mothers.
  • Charity that really touches the heart is a panacea for more ills than any remedy we have.
  • There has never been a complete panacea to all human relationships so far in this world.
  • The panacea thus magnificently lauded soon proved itself worse than inefficient.
  • There is, however, a popular panacea which he will find invariably efficacious.
  • The Indian has come to see that independence is the panacea for all his evils.
  • Herbert Spencer and his followers informed us that education was the panacea for all ills.
  • Well, as every one must needs have his panacea for the ills of society, let me inform you of mine.
  • It is only fair to point out at the same time that this remedy is far from being a panacea against all trusts and monopolies.
  • My failures have been illustrative of the fact that the electric bath is no more a panacea for all ills than any other remedial agent.
  • Marxism was one method of accomplishing this, and its panacea was the doing away with private property in machines and materials.
  • Nearly every one who talks about education has some mental panacea for it; but the trouble lies deeper than that.
  • No, as a general panacea for all popular ailments the sovereignty of a people had not yet proved itself to be a success.
  • Marx had discovered a panacea for the ills of society: the old was to be cleared away and all things were to become new.
  • If they agree on the same panacea for the social evils, the author can usually patch up a passion sufficient for them to marry on.
  • The order to proceed to the front was hailed with delight, duty in the field being a panacea for garrison bickerings.
  • Shall our panacea be to do away with all monopolies, and put every industry back upon the competitive system?
  • Oil that dropped from the framework on which church bells were hung was regarded in Florence as a panacea for various ailments.
  • Makabuhay is one of the most widely known and used plants in the Philippines; a sort of panacea applied to all bodily afflictions.
  • As to the Colonization Society, it is neither a wicked conspiracy on the one hand nor a panacea for slavery on the other.
  • Mr. Ascott seemed a good deal shocked, inquired from her a few particulars, and again took out his purse, his one panacea for all mortal woes.
  • If you have read with care the preceding chapters of this work, and paused between the lines to reflect, you will not now have to be retold our panacea for a long life.
  • There is a panacea for all these things, which the faculty and philanthropy alike forbid, but which my experience in war-matters has invariably found unfailing.
  • But the universal panacea of the polka had its mollifying effect on Benson, and every thing might have passed off quietly but for an unlucky accident.
  • We then proceeded to anoint our bodies with this preparation, which the doctor declared to be a panacea for all human ills; then completely clad in our armor, we sallied forth to the crusade.

Definition of Panacea

A remedy believed to cure all disease and prolong life that was originally sought by alchemists; a cure-all. | Something that will solve all problems. | (obsolete) The plant allheal (Valeriana officinalis), believed to cure all ills.
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