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Definition of Pane

(transitive) To fit with panes. | An individual sheet of glass in a window, door, etc. | (computing, graphical user interface) A layer in the build-up of a GUI.

How To Use Pane In A Sentence?

  • No sooner was she back in the dining-room than the tapping at the pane was resumed.
  • Against the pane below the drawn blind was a face white in the reflected light.
  • Before them was the watertight door, in which was set a large pane of quarsteel.
  • On the window-sill there is a layer of snow reaching halfway up the lowest pane of glass.
  • At that same moment, someone tapped on the glass pane at the rear of the shack.
  • On the following night he was at his post, and again threw the shot against the pane for a signal.
  • A pane of glass could not be mended without the signatures of five different officials.
  • She presses her hot cheek against the pane of the open window, and as she does so she starts.
  • The structure of a snowflake may be often found upon a window pane of a frosty morning.
  • Through the broken pane the fresh air entered, and she tried then to collect her thoughts.
  • Keeping close to the wall, they reached a broken pane of glass which served as the only window.
  • There was no such Eastern foolishness as a pane of glass in any of the buildings.
  • Now cover the whole with another plate, or with a pane of glass to keep from drying.
  • He ran and examined the quarsteel pane again, and this time his brain heated in alarm.
  • The minister went to the window, and saw that the pane was all broken into little pieces.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pane | Pane Sentence

  • Not a whole pane in the windows!
  • There was a pane broken at the point indicated.
  • Cover with a pane of glass or another plate.
  • Mene tiehesi ja pane maata.
  • Only a pane of glass between the boy and the windmills.
  • A tapping on the pane awoke him out of his brown study.
  • He had broken a pane of glass and kicked her dog.
  • She tapped lightly on the pane to attract his attention.
  • Do you see the square cut out of that pane of glass?
  • I thought burglars were trying to cut out a pane of glass.
  • We also heard the noise of a pane of glass breaking.
  • He tapped on the pane and gave the driver the new address.
  • Glass, pane of = vitrajxo.
  • Through the broken pane Harry shouted for help.
  • That snowball plop against the pane spoiled my best sentence.
  • I doubt if he will smash a pane of glass and fire a bullet at me.
  • I missed my aim and the head of the hammer went through a pane of glass.
  • The pressure of one wet pane of glass against another reveals it.
  • We all heard it and saw the fire, but the pane was not broken.
  • He put his face against the dusty window pane and tried to see the country.
  • Then you get a pane of glass and fasten it securely in one end of this box.
  • He replaced the pane of glass in the drawer, tapping it with satisfaction.
  • Suddenly the window pane crashed, and glass clattered onto the floor.
  • It passes along the pane of glass, and a shadow is thrown on the rafter.
  • Raban looks about: every stone and every pane of glass seems familiar.
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