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How To Use Panned In A Sentence?

  • Slowly he oscillated the whispering sand, slopping the water out until he had panned the lot.
  • The new claim was discovered by the merest accident, and the reports state it to be one of the richest that has ever been panned out.
  • Any lost mercury must thus find its way to the centre, where it will collect and can be panned off from time to time.
  • He thought it was a pretty place and so went to work, and the consequence is, it has panned out sixty thousand dollars.
  • And you remember how we quoted from the yarn and laughed over it out there on the hillside while you and dear old Stoker panned and washed.
  • This flux should, however, be crushed with a pestle and mortar and panned off, as, in certain cases, it may contain tiny globules of gold.
  • I have seen many a good prospect broken with the head of a pick and panned in a shovel, but for reef prospecting you should have a pestle and mortar.
  • We sunk shafts here and there and panned the gravel in the icy water of the stream, always getting a few "colors" but nothing of particular interest.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Panned | Panned Sentence

  • I panned some up the branch.
  • For a few weeks everything panned out splendidly.
  • He was a large party who panned out about ninety-five per cent.
  • He had wandered into it, panned a little black sand, and found color.
  • Once more, from early morning to late evening, he dug and panned as of old.
  • But I struck a good lead one day, and worked close till it panned dry.

Definition of Panned

simple past tense and past participle of pan
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