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How To Use Panoramic In A Sentence?

  • And spread in a semicircle about the curve of our mountain a most magnificent panoramic view.
  • Flying over our country from end to end they will bring back wonderful panoramic views.
  • A panoramic view of the streets could not fail to remind one of the country fairs in olden times.
  • The moon, the stars, and the innumerable gas-lights, gave the city a panoramic appearance.
  • Then, swinging my camera round, I obtained a panoramic view of the destroyed village.
  • From the crest a marvellous panoramic view was in sight, for we overlooked all the surrounding country.
  • It was thus that the young girl gained a panoramic view of the court world, which she had been so anxious to know.
  • I was told that great advantages might be obtained from panoramic sketches, if rapidly and accurately drawn by the observers.
  • He was glad when the sun came and filled the valley, panoramic from the farmhouse ridge, with a glory of light.
  • But it is bad even for pure romance purposes: and nearly hopeless for the panoramic and kaleidoscopic variety which should characterise the novel.
  • Lloyd stopped at the end of the hallway, and looked out the window at the panoramic view of the city of Pomperaque.
  • It serves a more satisfactory purpose nowadays in that it affords one of the loveliest panoramic views to be found anywhere in Cuba.
  • It almost seems like a revelation to human eyes of those vast, changeable, panoramic pictures by which the inhabitants of heaven are taught.
  • During the progress of the fight I galloped from point to point along the rear, but could nowhere obtain a panoramic view.
  • The citadel adjoins the Peyrou, a lofty platform of rock, which commands a splendid panoramic view of the surrounding country.
  • The wood is large, extending itself to the summit of a hill, which commands a charming panoramic view of Oxford, and of the adjacent country.
  • Like the panoramic vision said to come to the minds of the drowning, the incidents on which his love had dwelt in cherishing delight passed before him.
  • The children, more from amusement than faith, hang about the place, but the females steadfastly cling to the panoramic view, quite unwilling to leave it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Panoramic | Panoramic Sentence

  • A panoramic map in Cockspur Street.
  • In the neighbourhood there is some delightful panoramic scenery.
  • All his life passed before his mental vision in a panoramic vision.
  • The spectacle was to Henry and his comrades panoramic in its effect.

Definition of Panoramic

with a wide view | (photography) A panoramic image.
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