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Definition of Papyrus

(usually uncountable) A plant in the sedge family, Cyperus papyrus, native to the Nile river valley. | (usually uncountable) A material similar to paper made from the papyrus plant. | (countable) A scroll or document written on papyrus.

How To Use Papyrus In A Sentence?

  • This papyrus has been more thoroughly studied than most, perhaps more than any other.
  • We may well ask whether he ever employed papyrus or prepared skins for these purposes.
  • For the fourth time the papyrus had been written, for the fourth time the orator had torn it up.
  • He drew out a papyrus sheet, which he passed to the rower, he in turn to Democrates.
  • The Turin Papyrus makes the sum of the Twelfth dynasty 213 years, 1 month, 17 days.
  • According to Lauth, the Turin Papyrus gives 19 kings to the Tenth dynasty, and 185 years.
  • The papyrus is in fair preservation, and is believed to date from the third or fourth century.
  • Isis sailed up and down the marshes in a papyrus boat seeking the fragments, and as she found each she buried it.
  • We first hear of them in an Egyptian papyrus of the age of the Twelfth dynasty (B.C. 2500).
  • The actual papyrus begins with the last few words of a previous tale concerning some other magician under an earlier king.
  • The first is a man with a lotus flower on the head, the second a youth with a papyrus roll on the knee.
  • The papyrus inshore was high enough to screen the moon from us, and we had to hunt a passage through it in pitch darkness.
  • Contains the recent papyrus discoveries; a convenient and learned little book, defaced by metrical errors.
  • From year to year these marshes, covered with reeds and papyrus fifteen feet high, become the lake itself.
  • It was said of him that there was no parchment or papyrus in the Library which he had not read, and that he possessed all the wisdom of mankind.
  • Then we passed broad swampy morasses, formed by the numerous streams which the mountains discharged, where the matete and papyrus flourished.
  • Then the orator rose, dashed the wax upon the floor, put his sandal thereon, tore the papyrus on which he wrote to bits.
  • The story deals with the finding of a papyrus containing the particulars of some of the treasures of the Queen of Sheba.
  • Hence he is generally represented as seated, or squatting, and attentively reading a papyrus roll, which lies open upon his knees; cf.
  • Of the thoughts which they expressed in their immortal languages, too many have been lost for ever with the fragile strips of papyrus to which they were confided.
  • In some deltas, as that of Luaba and Kasokwe, morasses have been formed, in which the matete and papyrus jungle is impenetrable.
  • It was a veritable ocean of papyrus and other reeds, some of them a dozen or more feet high, so that it was impossible to see a yard in any direction.
  • The following is the description of the judgment of Ani, as it appears in his wonderful papyrus preserved in the British Museum.
  • A papyrus placed with the mummy in its coffin contained the needful topo-graphical directions and passwords, in order that he might neither stray nor perish by the way.
  • Then from a stool at her side she took paper, or rather papyrus and a reed pen, and on her knee wrote something on the sheet which she gave to me folded up.
  • The Amherst papyrus is a part of the new store of knowledge from antiquity which has been opened up within recent years by the discovery and study of papyri.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Papyrus | Papyrus Sentence

  • The demotic magical papyrus ed.
  • But the papyrus was friend as well as foe.
  • The yearly shoots of the papyrus are also gathered.
  • Isis suckling her child Horus in the papyrus swamps.
  • His hand flew over the papyrus with marvellous speed and skill.
  • The ancient form of writing upon skins and papyrus was that of the roll.
  • The papyrus has not yet been published, either in facsimile or transcription.
  • The papyrus was the plant from which Egyptian paper was made.
  • In France papyrus was in common use in the sixth and seventh centuries.
  • The Abbott Papyrus gives a list of these little pyramids.
  • The passage is found in Papyrus 1116 of the Hermitage at St. Petersburg.
  • The lily loaves are mentioned in the Papyrus Anastasi, No. 4, p. 14.
  • Drawn by Faucher-Gudin, from the Papyrus of Nebhopit, in Turin.

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