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  • And parables are not good evidence in courts of law, which is always a consideration.
  • He also spoke in parables of how the conditions in Christendom would be dealt with by Him.
  • Most of the parables are found to be connected in their first meaning with explaining about the kingdom.
  • The parables of Jesus often proved puzzles to his disciples, but they had no doubt they were parables.
  • And I doubt not but divers other parables were formed upon other occasions, the history of which we have not.
  • But, on the other hand, they could no more have invented the parables than a man alleging a diamond-mine could invent a diamond as attestation.
  • Now the three parables are alike in this, that they all describe more or less vividly the feelings of the Redeemer on the recovery of the lost.
  • What did the Lord mean when He spoke the parables of the friend at midnight and the importunate widow?
  • But, to others, it is given in parables that looking, they might not see, and hearing, they might not understand.
  • In these three parables the Lord shows the conditions which will prevail during the time of His absence from this earth.
  • To the same period belong other parables that contain larger ideas than the Jewish Messiah of the first generation could entertain.
  • The parables indicating the taking away of their privileges from the Jews and giving them to the Gentiles, were hard reading.
  • Jesus speaks in parables because to those "without" his preaching is to be intentionally a 'veiled' gospel (iv. 1-34).
  • These and other parables are deprived of their dangerous moral tendency by being removed from the ethical category, and made to convey lessons of a different kind.
  • The second discourse is found in the 13th chapter; this is composed of seven parables in which the Lord makes known the mysteries of the Kingdom.
  • Since writing our last paper, we have been much interested in the way in which repentance is presented in those inimitable parables in Luke XV.
  • These promises do not take up the matter of rewards for faithfulness in service, such as our Lord speaks of in the twin parables of the pounds and talents.
  • Thus we have a clue to the fact that the prophets perceived nearly everything in parables and allegories, and clothed spiritual truths in bodily forms, for such is the usual method of imagination.
  • Unless we have express testimony to the contrary, it is no more permissible to find parables and metaphorical expressions in an old Egyptian book than it is in the productions of the modern press.
  • To the fishermen He talked in parables about God; He healed the sick, and died the death of an evil-doer.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Parables | Parables Sentence

  • The parables prove themselves.
  • The parables are not remembered.
  • He always taught by parables and symbols.
  • But we are dealing with neither parables nor allegories.
  • Some Parables in Perea.
  • Notes on the Parables of our Lord.
  • Here sound speaks in parables with an outer story and an inner meaning.
  • The parables of Christ may be supposed to have had a double object.
  • Moreover, I can teach unto thee other parables about wisdom.
  • The parables of our Lord, in particular, are admirable examples of its method.
  • I read one of Krummacher's parables in German.
  • The Lord Jesus speaks of it in His parables in Matthew xiii.

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plural of parable
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