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  • Soldiers were parading here and there.
  • Bears are now debarred from parading our streets.
  • And fancy me parading into his private office asking him for work!
  • I had received a sharp lesson with regard to parading my preferences.
  • No more parading the streets, no more haranguing from soap boxes.
  • The local band was parading the streets playing a queer semi-Oriental music.
  • The Inca advanced, parading all the pomp and splendour of his solar divinity.
  • Through the cave mouth, I could see the Japs parading the deck.
  • I warn yer that the company was parading at 10.15 for 'ot baths?

How To Use Parading In A Sentence?

  • Others had been married just long enough to be proudly parading their first baby.
  • Following this came the spectacle of young men parading the streets in nightshirts.
  • Now that he found her in trouble, he would not add to her burden by parading his own before her.
  • What was the use of parading a self-will, which every moment of his life belied?
  • Grim and lonely, they traveled the streets, parading their grievance before an unheeding day.
  • Why should I worry myself with the sight of other fellows parading their favour?
  • Indeed, they rather enjoyed parading before respectable citizens this dangerous substratum of society.
  • Yet it was whispered in the school that he was in the habit of parading the town at night in loud checks and a false beard.
  • He looked about him half expecting to see the procession still parading past his boat, but it was gone.
  • The captains of the scientific force were all promoted sergeants, and the old officers were idly parading the streets in plain clothes.
  • This expansiveness, this frank parading of unseemly things, is supplemented by other public demonstrations of the passion of the hour.
  • In every direction the footsoldiers were parading before their barracks under arms, and the cavalry were standing by their horses, ready to mount.
  • Hilary was very shy of parading her happiness; she disliked any demonstrations thereof, even before Johanna.
  • The women were in the minority, and offered a contrast to the girls Hertha had seen at the theater or parading the street.
  • On every sidewalk, also, we see some fine fellow, dressed and curled to his satisfaction, parading in the sun.
  • I perceived that she was flattered with her conquest; and, after parading myself for a short time, I disappeared.
  • With astonishing bravado, the flimsy little vehicles, one behind another, came parading onto the wreck-strewn slope.
  • If she was the adventuress whom the officials were searching for, she was certainly bringing a bold front to the contest in thus parading her booty before their very eyes.
  • To interrupt the relation of events or the delineation of character with parading of trite reflections or with rashly broad generalizations is neither science nor art.
  • While the Cheyennes were parading round the Comanche camp, they were shooting off their guns in the air, just to make a noise.
  • More is done by skilful inference than by parading every abstract fact you know and translating the sum-accumulative of your knowledge into the over-accented concrete.
  • This was the explanation of that scurrying of servitors and pages, that parading of men-at-arms, and that stamping of horses and mules in the quadrangle below.
  • And as a crutch, General Ople, parading her grounds with the aged woman, found himself used and treated.
  • Of course everyone did not hide the struggle; there were men he knew who had a grievance against the world, for ever parading a valuation of themselves with which no one concurred.
  • Why, if Wert Payley presumed to deny me the ballot, I wouldn't think of parading about it.
  • There was no use in parading up and down the river, however triumphantly, so long as the force employed could only hold the part of the channel within actual range of its guns.
  • Constables in considerable number, parading about with their staves, sometimes conversing with each other, producing an effect by their presence, without having to interfere actively.
  • See them parading the streets in their unemployed hours; they are the companions of every soldier; they crowd the cinemas, music-halls, and theaters.
  • If he could not resist playing with his misery, neither could she help exulting in her happiness, parading it for her own joy in spoken words; it made it more real.

Definition of Parading

present participle of parade | The act of one who parades.
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