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  • And why this paradoxical situation?
  • There is nothing paradoxical in this.
  • What a paradoxical fellow this is!
  • That was the paradoxical nature of the man.
  • His paradoxical character has been much misunderstood.
  • There lies the paradoxical reality of this question.
  • There are not so very many fantastic and paradoxical writers.
  • Her very death had given him a paradoxical certitude of her immortality.
  • Yet it is not one atom more paradoxical than hope or charity.
  • Such are international amenities, paradoxical as it may appear.
  • Which was half a truth and perfectly true, paradoxical as it may seem.

How To Use Paradoxical In A Sentence?

  • This conclusion is very paradoxical and makes nonsense of all scientific phraseology.
  • This is precisely the paradoxical aspect which much of our civilization presents.
  • The agnostic is in the paradoxical position of one who knows of an unknowable world.
  • I must get further away from them, paradoxical as the statement may appear to be.
  • This assertion, however, will not seem paradoxical to those who have considered the question.
  • Consequently, is it not paradoxical to relate it to plastic imagination, as species to genus?
  • The Ainu are without laws, which, paradoxical as it sounds, to a great extent makes them good.
  • If the Ulster Movement was "rebellious," its purpose was as paradoxical as its circumstances.
  • Even a more paradoxical tenet of our philosopher's finds it justification here.
  • This sounds like a paradox; but it is not paradoxical at all to those who have studied the question from the inside.
  • A paradoxical relation between religion and morality has always interested observers of custom and history.
  • The excitement and danger of the adventure which had befallen them seemed to have affected the girls in a paradoxical manner.
  • After this, it sounds paradoxical to have to admit that his reputation as a connoisseur far overshadowed his reputation as a bibliophile.
  • This may seem a paradoxical statement, but a brief consideration will show it to be fully justified.
  • Its paradoxical method is this: of the lining it makes cloth, bringing to the outside what was inside.
  • At first there seems something paradoxical in dwelling on the brevity of an author whose works are to be counted by scores of volumes.
  • But aside from this paradoxical attitude, they frequently speak and act in the most simple, touching way!
  • This, paradoxical as the statement may appear, is just what does not seem to be proved, as we shall show.
  • They are now paradoxical enough to make the mistake of adopting the Westerner's costume.
  • This strange and paradoxical fate is involved, not in the individual, but in the philosophy, in the point of view.
  • It is almost paradoxical to think of human beings in a civilized country living such lives, people who have great possibilities within their reach.
  • These occupy our minds; they give us another taste and turn; and will not suffer us to be more than transiently amused with paradoxical morality.
  • This reply drew all eyes on Veronique, and the whole company waited for an explanation of so paradoxical a speech.
  • No recorded word of our Lord better illustrates than does this the startling and paradoxical manner of His teaching.
  • He never, I think, gives information which we do not already possess or expresses views which could seem paradoxical or original.
  • Certainly no paradoxical charlatan who had once found arguments for so startling a view would ever have deserted it except for something yet more startling.
  • Why should Mr. McCabe be so eloquent about the danger arising from fantastic and paradoxical writers?
  • With it goes an understanding of human nature which is no less deep-reaching because it is apt to find expression in whimsical or flagrantly paradoxical forms.
  • It is an illustration of the singular complexity and paradoxical positions of politics that those who are naturally so opposed, should thus form the closest friends and allies.

Definition of Paradoxical

Having self-contradictory properties.

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