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  • The paraffin candles melt.
  • Connie lit a paraffin lamp and put it on the table.
  • On cooling the paraffin separates, and may be separated.
  • If paraffin is used, break it into pieces and put in a cup.
  • Imbed in fresh paraffin in a metal (or paper) mould.
  • The paraffin emulsion (No. 3) might also be used.
  • Hard paraffin wax (melting-point about 52 deg. C.).
  • When they arrive they have a paraffin bath and their clothes baked.
  • If such spores are covered with the paraffin they may develop under it.
  • In sulphur matches the paraffin is replaced by sulphur.
  • It smelt strongly of paraffin and of the copra which was its usual cargo.
  • There was a lighted paraffin lamp on the table and nothing else handy.
  • Fix paraffin section on slide and prepare for staining in the usual manner.
  • Place this vessel in a paraffin water-bath regulated for 2 deg.
  • Cool and cover with melted paraffin and store in the usual manner for jellies.
  • For this purpose the cheese are dipped in melted paraffin when a few days old.
  • Do you prefer the melted paraffin to the old-fashioned way of using bees wax?
  • There a paraffin lamp of European manufacture burned upon a table.
  • The paraffin is out there in the passage, and here's the money.

How To Use Paraffin In A Sentence?

  • Tong was the unfortunate individual who had been struck down with the paraffin lamp.
  • Acetylene and petrol are better illuminants than paraffin for working on machines by night.
  • In this way the surplus paraffin is expelled and the plates are brought very close together.
  • Workmen in paraffin oils or other petroleum products often present a furuncle-like acne.
  • Pratt sprang up from his chair before the tent, and held a small paraffin lamp towards them.
  • The clerk laid upon the table a round box coated with paraffin to exclude the air.
  • Cover the opening in the bottom of small flower pots with stiff paper or fill with paraffin wax.
  • However, the paper wet with spirits could be put on first and the paraffin poured over it.
  • It is also used in the fitting up of water and paraffin baths, and for many other purposes.
  • Bundles of straw were brought, paraffin poured on them, and the tower set on fire.
  • First, they are dipped into hot paraffin wax, because this will light even more easily than wood.
  • Miss Ormerod recommends a dilute paraffin emulsion sprayed over infested leaves.
  • In my own work during the past year I have used transparent paraffin alone, nothing else.
  • The paraffin oil sealed cell, or cell No. 4, showed no evaporation and no creeping of salts.
  • While I have been using paraffin wax a good deal of the time, I put lampblack in it for coloring.
  • To separate the paraffin from the sulphur the residue is heated with a solution of ammonium sulphide.
  • To form a condenser of this the sheets are merely rolled together and then boiled in paraffin and compressed as before.
  • Workmen in paraffin oils or other petroleum products often present numerous furuncles and cutaneous abscesses.
  • The warmth gradually melts the paraffin and the tissues should remain in the mixture about twenty-four hours.
  • After solidification pour sterile paraffin oil on the surface of the medium in each tube to the depth of 3 centimetres.
  • We used to use a paraffin heater in our greenhouse at home, and it wasn't at all satisfactory.

Definition of Paraffin

To impregnate or treat with paraffin. | To embed in paraffin wax. | (Britain) A petroleum based thin and colorless fuel oil, (kerosene in US English).
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