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  • The paragon of animals.
  • Perish the paragon of cities!
  • But he appears the paragon of men.
  • If he could find such a paragon he would marry her.
  • I commenced looking for my paragon in January.
  • Jean brought this paragon to the ranch over Sunday.
  • It is, indeed, the model and paragon of salting-tubs.
  • At this place the Paragon took in wood and provisions.
  • You would rather see Paragon any day, ten to one.
  • According to him, she was a paragon of beauty and accomplishments.
  • He didn't set up for a paragon of morality.
  • Few men have lived such a stirring life as this paragon of knightly prowess.
  • On this small paragon the Duchess concentrated her cares and hopes.
  • He's a paragon of tact, and, I can tell you, tact is needed here in Cairo!

How To Use Paragon In A Sentence?

  • She was a most lovely person, in body and mind, and in his eyes the paragon of womanhood.
  • Some people can afford even to set out the Paragon because of its high bearing power.
  • All in all, it was what I never should have expected from this paragon of self-possession.
  • Selina, how can I help it if a girl of fifteen years old is not a paragon of perfection?
  • We have never seen that paragon of grace, the Scottish bluebell, in its glory till now.
  • By every account, Honora Sneyd must have been a paragon of feminine loveliness.
  • And this is the paragon of beauty and grace whom her ungallant subjects chose to insult this morning!
  • But suppose this paragon to be locked up, and her husband never to see her except in a tete a tete.
  • Emile had been an only son, a paragon of manly virtues, the keeper of his mother's soul.
  • In comparison, the statue with the sensitive nostrils was a marvel of knowledge, a paragon too generously endowed by its inventor.
  • The silvery voice within it is the product of a paragon among timepieces, a most superior instrument, of unimpeachable construction and great cost.
  • Finally, this paragon of conifers surprises Eastern nurserymen by outstripping other seedlings in vigor and quickness of growth.
  • Entering unannounced, he paused suddenly as he caught sight of her standing before the fire, with Paragon at her feet.
  • I entreated Dia to interfere; but she was a paragon of daughters, and always took the side of her father.
  • Supposing Miss Upton's paragon had already become absorbed in his own interests.
  • He came into the Paragon Hotel and dressed for dinner as sulky as a naturally cheerful soul could be.
  • Miss B. thinks her a Paragon of fashion, and says she is the only woman she would change persons with.
  • But I had a visit the same day from the sister-in-law, the paragon of virtue, a thin, sharp-faced woman of middle age.
  • She tied another note to the "cur's" collar and wired him once more to the Paragon House railings.
  • Short readily agreed to this proposition, and looked upon the magnanimous Mr. Simmons as a paragon of liberality, and as his best friend.
  • There are two Sober Paragon chestnuts near Niles which are now 12 years old and are growing and bearing well.
  • Who may this paragon be, this new lover who engrosses all your time, is master of your days, and prevents you from concerning yourself about your husband?
  • He exalted her as a paragon to her face and behind her back, but did not like to be at home, and caressed me by stealth, as though he were afraid of contaminating me by his presence.
  • About three years ago, we bought some Sober Paragon chestnuts from an eastern nursery which had been advertising them widely in this State.
  • Miss Vavasour believed in her cousin to a great extent, and her nature was too frank and generous to foster suspicion; but she was not such a paragon of trustfulness.

Definition of Paragon

To compare; to parallel; to put in rivalry or emulation with. | To compare with; to equal; to rival. | To serve as a model for; to surpass.
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