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  • Four traplines were run parallel to each other.
  • The road here runs parallel to the canal.
  • The life of a hermit is nowise parallel to his.
  • What condition was ever parallel to mine?
  • I have found no parallel to this most remarkable story.
  • Many incisions are cut nearly parallel to each other.
  • The needle will arrange itself parallel to the bar magnet.
  • Thor moved again, parallel to the sound.
  • I know no parallel to it in the history of modern times.
  • Any diameter bisects all chords parallel to its conjugate.
  • The counter shaft must be parallel to the line shaft.
  • There is no parallel to his action in American history.
  • It was brought parallel to me as I lay.
  • The line is parallel to PBS.
  • Parallel to it goes the progress in the treatment of the insane.
  • I know of no parallel to it in all the history of literature.
  • Now he had overtaken the locomotive and was running parallel to it.
  • The world is challenged to produce the semblance of a parallel to this.
  • Going parallel to the water was nearly as hard as coming down to it.
  • Incidents parallel to this had kept her faith in humanity green.
  • I have not found any exact parallel to the incident of the scented thumb.
  • The mirror can also be turned and put parallel to the pillar.
  • Then he went to the lodge in a course parallel to that taken by the old men.
  • It was a misery, a wretchedness without parallel to be so impoverished.
  • Parallel to these are deep, hot and for the most part waterless valleys.
  • The subsidiary passage ran parallel to the eastern face of the fortress.
  • Rule a line parallel to this, passing through the apex of the triangle.
  • Boat fell off to port and lay parallel to and much entangled in the net.
  • From the point B draw B D parallel to A C.
  • Its direction is in form of a curve, and parallel to the lake shore.

How To Use Parallel To In A Sentence?

  • It was an admirable parallel to the feat of the man who jumped down his own throat.
  • We search utterly in vain through history for any parallel to our own negations.
  • Every psychical change had to be conceived as parallel to a physiological change.
  • The railroad station was on a road parallel to the one on which she was walking.
  • Even if this is true, it offers no parallel to the condition of things in our own cities.
  • Between them are incised arks forming hachure parallel to the arks previously mentioned.
  • At last they struck what appeared to be a passageway running parallel to the mountain side.
  • For a parallel to the description of her walking the streets of inferno, cf.
  • It ran parallel to the east side of the village and about 200 yards from its outskirts.
  • One might find a useful parallel to the digital underground in the drug underground.
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