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  • The parallelism is complete.
  • The parallelism with Brahmanism in India is complete.
  • Yet there is a parallelism between feeling and thought, as well as a contrast.
  • Notice the parallelism in the two descriptions of the fall of Babylon.
  • It may be only an accidental parallelism with profounder fact; I do not know.

How To Use Parallelism In A Sentence?

  • Consider a single illustration of this parallelism of the individual with the national mind.
  • Again he plants his boat in parallelism of position with that of his gigantic game.
  • A certain parallelism in the sentences or groups of characters has also been discovered.
  • There was yet another parallelism between the temples of Babylonia and Jerusalem.
  • Like Ovid, for the parallelism preserved itself to the end, he died in the land of his exile.
  • Nor is it essential that perfect horizontality or parallelism of the cameras should be maintained in copying trees.
  • But by this necessary sympathy between the spiritual and the material is not meant a mere parallelism so called.
  • Originally there was a certain parallelism in our characters, but with our growth grew the divergence.
  • But in the period which followed the predominating position of the classical writers we once more find the same parallelism of development.
  • The mental agility is often moral suppleness, and nobody expects a critical examination of the parallelism itself.
  • This principle of parallelism of clauses underlies the whole of versification in Scriptural literature.
  • It would seem then that the parallelism is perfect, even to the building of temples, and the official recognition of the truth of the event.
  • The parallelism is perfect even to individual cases, if children of various ages are carefully observed in regard to their acquirement of speech.
  • In a very few places I have restored glyphs totally erased, relying on the parallelism of the passages.
  • But there was yet a further parallelism between the stellar theology of Egypt and that of Babylonia.
  • Also the parallelism of planes and straight lines arises from the parallelism of the moments of one and the same time-system intersecting M.
  • T' t'ink ob being projected transmigatorially in de obverse tangent ob de parallelism circumdelegated on de inverse side ob a duodecimo.
  • The parallelism of clauses, which makes the foundation of Hebrew verse, is also a thing proper to oratorical prose in all languages.
  • But when I had heard his account, I began to suspect that there was something more than mere parallelism of method.
  • As elements of oratorical beauty note (1) the interweaving and parallelism of sentences, (2) the terrific crescendo and climax of denunciation.
  • There is a parallelism without identity in the animal and vegetable life of the two continents, which favors the task of comparison in an extraordinary manner.
  • In Scripture usage a certain parallelism is maintained between the twelve apostles of the Lamb and the twelve tribes of the children of Israel.
  • The parallelism makes it clear that Azazel was a separate evil spirit or demon, opposed to Jahveh, and supposed to dwell in the wilderness.
  • At the same time the parallelism between Nippur and Erech on the one side, and Eridu on the other, is imperfect.
  • Of course, all this is not sufficient to bring out a definite parallelism between special mental functions and special physical processes, as the phenomena are extremely complex.
  • It is written in a terse and pointed style, combined with the parallelism and antithesis which was the prevailing vehicle of poetic thought in Egyptian.
  • Were they the result of similar, but independent, operations of the human mind, or were they but duplicate inventions, the result of parallelism in human thought?

Definition of Parallelism

The state or condition of being parallel; agreement in direction, tendency, or character. | The state of being in agreement or similarity; resemblance, correspondence, analogy. | A parallel position; the relation of parallels.
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