Parallelogram In A Sentence

Definition of Parallelogram

(geometry) A convex quadrilateral in which each pair of opposite edges are parallel and of equal length. | (Gaelic games, dated) either of two rectangular areas (respectively the large parallelogram and the small parallelogram) abutting the goal line in front of the goal. (Since 1986 officially named the large rectangle and small rectangle, though the older names are still occasionally used.)

How To Use Parallelogram In A Sentence?

  • Contrast it with some parallelogram which is not a rectangle, and which you must have ready.
  • The region of the best tobacco is comprised within a small parallelogram of very limited extent.
  • Thus, forming a solid parallelogram of amazing magnificence, the royal army awaited our onset.
  • Is een der hoeken van een parallelogram regt, dan zijn al deszelfs hoeken regt.
  • The parallelogram in the front contains a cross and has the appearance of a labyrinth, but it is not.
  • At the rear of the same parallelogram was a rounded stern, the roof of which inclined toward the prow.
  • Piers are commonly formed from a square or parallelogram with the angles fluted, having on the flat face of each side a semicyclindrical shaft.
  • On the grass-plot are strewn the fallen blossoms of the cherry-tree, and over the scene broods a parallelogram of sombre sky.
  • At the same time there was to be on the ground a parallelogram of holes with a sort of goal, or "home," at two corners.
  • The lower story of the temple occupies a parallelogram of 198 feet in length by 173 feet in width, and rises about 27 feet in height.
  • Organisation for political work is always educative to those who take part in it, and it has some effect on the infinitely complex parallelogram of forces which determines the direction of progress.
  • Is it necessary that it should be unknown to him, and unfortunately sometimes also to his schoolmaster, how an angle is determined, a parallelogram measured, and an ellipse drawn?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Parallelogram | Parallelogram Sentence

  • Its shape is a parallelogram approaching to a square.
  • The eyes are of the shape of a parallelogram with rounded corners.
  • At the farther end of this parallelogram rose the main dwelling.
  • Elke der diagonalen deelt een parallelogram in twee gelijke deelen.

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